Manhunt Intensifies: LAPD Unveils Startling Details on ‘General Hospital’ Actor Johnny Wactor’s Murder Suspects Still on the Loose

The Los Angeles Police Department wants the public to help them find the person responsible for shooting and killing “General Hospital’s” Johnny Wactor, on Saturday.

In a press release on Tuesday, the LAPD said Wactor was “confronted by three individuals” in the early hours on May 25. Wactor had just ended a bartending shift and noticed these individuals had his car “raised with a floor jack and were in the process of stealing the catalytic converter.” Wactor was shot and killed by one of the individuals.

According to a press release, all three suspects were dressed in dark clothing and drove a dark-colored sedan. Central Bureau Homicide has asked the public for help in finding the suspects.

“Los Angeles Police Department Central Area officers responded on a radio report of an Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Shooting at the 1200 Block of Hope Street. Officers arrived and found the victim, 37-year-old John William Wactor suffering from an apparent firearm wound. Officers started to aid the victim and called for emergency medical assistance.

Later, he was pronounced dead in a local hospital.

Scarlett Wactor, the actor’s mother confirmed this tragic news on Sunday.

“Johnny and a co-worker were walking to their car, and when they got there, Johnny’s car, which was parked in front of the co-worker’s, looked like it was jacked to one side, and from what I understand, he said, ‘Hey, man, you towing my car?’… And the person looked up and had a mask, and so then I guess he knew they weren’t doing that, and so he stepped in front of the co-worker and then backed up and put his hands up or both, and the person shot him,” Scarlett said.

She pointed out that there was no designated parking area for employees at her workplace.

In my mind, if he had been two minutes sooner or two minutes late, he would still be alive.

Wactor’s mom said that authorities plan to perform an autopsy and his family will return him to South Carolina when the body is released for burial services.

“I’d like everyone to know that they killed a great person. This has left a huge hole in my life and the lives of his brothers. Four years ago, we buried their father, my husband. He was loved by all of his family members and friends. He lived life to its fullest. He chased his dream, and was a very positive, optimistic person,” Scarlett Wactor remarked of her son.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the LAPD Regional Crime Stoppers.