Did Biden Doze Off? Memorial Day Shock at Arlington National Cemetery Raises Eyebrows

Voters continue to think that Joe Biden’s age, weakness, and cognitive impairment make him unfit for the presidency. The Biden campaign, however, tries to hilariously flip the script by focusing on age. Biden’s Facebook feeds are full of posts desperate to promote the narrative that Trump is the weak and old candidate. One report even claimed that Trump fell asleep in court.

Biden’s apparent sleepiness during Monday’s Memorial Day ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery is not funny.

Newsweek reports that a video showing President Biden sleeping with his eyes closed for a long time during Memorial Day celebrations on Monday was widely shared on social networks. Conservative activists claimed he had been asleep during Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s speech.

Donald Trump, who is 77 years old, has been focusing on the cognitive abilities of Joe Biden, 81, in anticipation of their rematch, which could take place in November. He has called him “sleepy Joe.” The presumptive Republican nominee for president has himself been accused of sleeping during his hush-money trial in Manhattan. However, he denied this on the Truth Social website.

What do you think?

It’s not the first occasion Biden has fallen asleep during an event. He was filmed dozing off in Hawaii last year while survivors of the Maui fires were talking about their traumatizing losses.

Biden shamelessly compared Maui’s residents who lost their homes and possessions with a small fire in the kitchen. “I’m not comparing difficulties, but Jill and myself have some idea of what it is like to lose your home,” said Biden. “I nearly lost my wife, my Corvette ’67, and my cat.”

Not even close.

Biden appears to have also dozed during the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland in 2021, but who could blame him?

Biden appeared to be asleep when he met with Isaac Herzog, the Israeli President in July last year.

Joe Biden’s inability to stay awake at the Memorial Day ceremony is insulting. It’s also pathetic for the Biden campaign to think it can change the narrative on the age issue when Biden’s history shows that he has lived up to his nickname of “Sleepy Joe.”