Man Arrested Outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s House in Apparent Assassination Attempt

Outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house, a man was arrested. The man was carrying a gun and claimed he was trying to kill Kavanaugh.

According to Karol Markowicz who broke the story, it is being reported by other outlets including The Washington Post.

Another piece of information suggests that the man was arrested before he arrived at Kavanaugh’s home, although details are not clear. We do know that the man is from California and that it has something to do with Kavanaugh’s court-related leanings.

According to sources familiar with the investigation, the assassin mentioned Roe v. Wade’s leaked draft as the reason he wanted to kill.

This man was not only carrying a weapon but also had burglary tools. It is clear that he wasn’t just a crazy individual running around with his mouth. He had an apparent plan to enter Kavanaugh’s home and kill him. However, law enforcement intervened to stop the plot from being carried out.

This is why you enforce laws about protesting outside of the homes and offices of judges. The DOJ has so far refused to comply. This leads to situations like these.