J6 Committee Members Claim They Have Evidence of Incitement, Even Though They Don’t

The radical left has falsely charged Trump with inciting the Capitol Riot for over a year. The upcoming televised hearings will show that their primary goal is to keep this riot alive in people’s heads, even though Americans have moved on.

Democrats and RINOs on the committee want to exploit the riot to get people to accept responsibility for Trump’s party and take back control of his actions. But, that doesn’t stop them from making other claims. One committee member even claimed they found evidence for incitement.

Jamie Raskin (D.Md.) stated that the select committee had evidence of more than incitement. According to the Washington Post.

Raskin claims the partisan committee has evidence of “concerted planning and premeditated activity” and that the forthcoming hearings will “tell the story of a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 presidential election and block the transfer of power.”


Leftists are known for making claims that they have seen or have seen evidence that is not true.

Raskin seemed a little less certain about Trump’s involvement. “That’s the only way to really understand them all. ”

Raskin stated then that people should judge the relative roles played in different people’s lives.

This sounds completely different from what we’ve been hearing from this committee since its inception: that Trump was involved in an overthrow plot. Raskin admitted that they don’t know much about Trump and that the committee is just trying to blame him.

Raskin does not believe the committee can prove Trump was the cause of the riots or that they were part in a conspiracy.