Man Arrested After Elderly Woman Found Injured, Crawling Wearing Only a Diaper and Begging for Help in Alabama

After an elderly woman was found crawling with open wounds and begging for help wearing an adult diaper, a man was arrested on charges of elder abuse and neglect.

According to WTVY, police said that they were called to a house on the 500 blocks of South Andrews Street, Dothan, Alabama on Friday, March 24th. They found the woman by herself.

Police said she was crawling on the ground and had open wounds.

Ronald Hall, Dothan Police Lieutenant, said that it was “awful.”

Police also arrested Jason Allan Proctor, 37 years old, who was a relative to the woman and her primary caregiver. He is also believed to be living in the same house.

“The victim was transported to a Dothan hospital where she was admitted for inpatient treatment and may have to undergo surgery,” Hall added.

Proctor is currently being held in the Houston County Jail without bond.

The victim’s age was not specified by the police.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reported a similar case in February, in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. After police discovered that he was neglecting his father, 91, and mother, 82, a man was arrested and charged with kidnapping, elderly abuse, and firearm possession by a felon.

Investigators found that Christopher Gissoni’s father died from a brain injury, while Christopher’s mother was severely emaciated and only weighed 75 to 80 pounds. This was due to Christopher’s neglect. Neighbors claimed that they witnessed him cursing and yelling at his mother.

More information about the Dothan arrest is available here: