Crypto Prodigy from Canada, Accused of Defrauding Investors of Millions, Reportedly Abducted and Tortured

According to reports, Canada’s Crypto King was abducted in December. He is accused of deceiving investors and accumulating losses exceeding tens of millions of dollars.

The report is 750 pages in length. It details Pleterski’s allegations of kidnapping Pleterski from downtown Toronto in December.

Rob Stelzer, a bankruptcy trustee in this case, told CTV News Toronto that Pleterski was kidnapped by Toronto police.

CTV News Toronto further reported that transcripts from court examinations with Pleterski’s father and landlord provided more details.

He was taken by the police. They kept him in custody for three days before driving him around southern Ontario. “He was tortured and beaten, and was allowed to make calls to specific people only,” his father told a December courtroom.

Pleterski told him that he didn’t know anyone and asked for $3,000,000 as a ransom.

“I received many calls from Aiden but it was late at night… Then at around 1:30 AM, I had enough and picked up my call,” the landlord told the court on February 9 that he had spoken to him. “I told the landlord, “There’s nothing you can do. ”

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported Pleterski had been released three days late but was ordered to pay the money immediately.

Toronto Police spokesperson stated that they were unable to confirm that any witnesses or victims had been identified when asked about the case.

Toronto police declined questions about the identity of the kidnappers and whether arrests were made.

We also contacted the Ontario Provincial Police regarding the incident but they didn’t respond before publication.

Pleterski was found not to have invested more than 2 percent of the $40m he received from investors. CTV News Toronto reported that Pleterski spent nearly 38% of the $40m on luxurious cars, private jets, and extravagant vacations.