Lori Lightfoot Faces an Ethics Probe

The Democratic corruption and chicanery have no boundaries. You realize, just when you think you know it all, that Joe Biden keeps classified documents near his “Little Green Corvette.” (sorry Prince), that the Dems are still trying to get to the bottom of the Mariana Trench’s bad morals.

Robert Hur is about to start digging into the Biden Boxes (like loot boxes, but without the fun toys and gadgets or cologne), while Will Fletcher, Inspector General of Chicago Public Schools, is investigating Lori Lightfoot, Chi-town mayor. Is there any evidence of Democrat corruption in the Windy City Who would have thought?

Lightfoot is currently running for re-election. Her current position on the hot seat is due in part to an email she sent out to Chicago Public Schools teachers. Chicago’s NBC 5 News reports that Lightfoot encouraged teachers in Chicago to encourage their students to volunteer to work as externs for her campaign for course credit. This is part of the email:

We are looking for ways to improve our office as the race heats up. This is what we call our externship programme. Lightfoot for Chicago is looking for volunteers interested in campaign politics who are eager to gain practical experience.

Students would be eligible to receive academic credit in exchange for twelve hours of work per week. Lightfoot’s campaign claims it did nothing wrong, but she has now withdrawn the offer after some criticism. Not just her opponents. Stacy Davis Gates is the Chicago Teachers Union president and called the move unethical. She feared that teachers who declined the offer would face retaliation.

The union sent a letter accusing Lightfoot and other members of a shakedown. The letter was deemed a violation of campaign rules by the Illinois ACLU. The mayor of Chicago appoints the superintendent and members of the Chicago Board of Education. Colleen K. Connell, executive director of Illinois ACLU, stated that Lightfoot’s email was:

…is unconstitutionally coercive and raises First Amendment concerns. The Supreme Court has ruled that officials of the government cannot use their power or office to force participation or punish those who are not involved in political campaigns. The mayor is the only person who has authority over Chicago schools. Teachers may feel pressured by the campaign or fear for their participation. It is remarkable that Mayor Lightfoot, four years ago, presented herself as someone who would reject corrupt patronage methods in Chicago politics. Her campaign now employs practices that are reminiscent of the worst days in Chicago’s political machine.

CBS Chicago reported that Fletcher’s probe was not the only one. The Chicago Inspector General Deborah Witzburg’s office, together with the Chicago Board of Ethics, is also investigating the matter.

Amazingly, Lightfoot believed that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Lightfoot believed she was doing nothing wrong because teachers’ emails are easily accessible to the public. So why would anyone not want to run for her office? Lightfoot believes she is not only entitled to the office of mayor but also to free labor. Lightfoot’s ethics might be more important than Joe Biden’s Corvette, so the Chicago authorities may have better luck searching for her. Chicago has a long history in corruption. Lightfoot is continuing to carry on a well-established tradition. Al Capone was the exception to this rule.