Legislative Session Derails as Democrat Loses Control During Debate

A Democratic legislator shouted out her support for transgender people during the Nebraska unicameral Legislature’s session on Friday morning. The discussion was about a bill that would ban sex change procedures for minors.

Jim Pillen, Republican Governor, will make it law. The bill prohibits minors from undergoing sex change procedures, as well as after- 12-week abortions.

Machaela Caaugh, a Democrat in the state, slapped the lectern of her podium on Friday morning to protest the measure and shouted: “Transgenders are welcome here. We need them. We love them.”

You matter. I will fight to protect you. Cavanaugh uses the pronouns “she/her” in her Twitter bio. ”

Cavanaugh shouted for less than one minute during the legislative session.

Cavanaugh attacked conservatives that voted for the hybrid bill which included protections for unborn babies. He said that businesses, medical professionals, and citizens would all leave the state as a result.

Cavanaugh said, “Your kids post things on Facebook and they call you their colleagues. “You have to live with your vote …… You will live with what you did today. ”

“If you didn’t sleep after Tuesday night, reflect on that. You don’t have to vote for this,” she added, just shortly before she called those who support the measure “weak.”

Cavanaugh said that those who supported the legislation “allowed” themselves to be “bought by” the governor

The Republican lawmakers managed to secure just enough votes to end the filibuster and pass both measures. Pillen pledged to sign into law the bill after he promoted it and met legislators to gain support.

The bill allows transgender people under the age of 19 to undergo gender-sequencing surgeries, with a few exceptions.

The State’s Chief Medical Officer, a politician, and doctor of ear nose, and throat by profession, will set the rules for hormone therapy and the use of puberty-blocking agents in transgender children. Minors that received treatment before the ban may be eligible for some exceptions.

During debates on the measure, several Republicans supported it. State Senator Steve Erdman was one of them. He pointed out the inconsistencies between the Democratic arguments.

Erdman said once, “Saying abortion is health care would be like saying being raped is lovemaking. ”

The Friday debate was temporarily halted by protesters who hurled what appeared to be bloody tampons at conservative lawmakers from a balcony. As lawmakers began voting, “Shame!” was chanted. ” Outside of the chamber, you could hear “Shame!” ”

Six people were arrested at the Nebraska State Capitol after the Nebraska legislature passed a bill.

At least 17 states have passed laws restricting or banning transgender hormones and procedures. Texas and Missouri governors are currently considering proposals. Medical and advocacy groups say such restrictions marginalize and threaten the health of transgender youths.

North Carolina has passed a ban on abortions for 12 weeks. This is just one of many restrictions enacted in states since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The 1973 ruling established a nationwide right to abortion.

Nebraska passed laws prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks.

Last month, a proposed six-week ban failed to gain any traction.

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