How’s That Again, Joe? Biden Again Demonstrates His Abject Unfitness to Be President

You would smile and nod if you saw Old Joe Biden at a social gathering, and you wouldn’t try to understand what he said, as it was obvious that he wasn’t in his full faculties. The poor transcription wonks had to work overtime to translate Old Joe’s dementia afflicted ramblings to something that was even remotely accurate and meaningful at the G7 Summit Press Conference on Sunday.

President Biden rambles unintelligibly for 40 seconds…

The First (@TheFirstonTV), May 21, 2023

Sundown Joe’s ramblings are often incoherent. But this speech made even his most outrageous brain-salad ramblings sound like Shakespeare. The alleged President said:

There are many other things, such as the fact that they don’t pay taxes. I, for one, was able, within two years, to reduce the deficit by 1.7 billions dollars. Zero. made it worse by adding “trillion” in brackets where Biden had said he cut $1.7 billion from the deficit. made the situation worse by adding “trillions” to brackets when Biden said he had cut $1.7 billion off the deficit. Old Joe has told this lie before about reducing deficits. In February, The New York Post reported that, contrary to Biden’s claim, “he slashed national debt by $1.7 billion,” his socialist policies had actually “increased it by approximately $3.84 trillion during his first two year in office.”

Biden continues to lie because he is aware that many voters are distracted and indifferent and will believe anything he says. Despite the fact-checking by the New York Post, the majority of the media establishment will allow him to continue telling lies because they care more about promoting Biden’s far-Left policy than reporting the news.

Biden also claimed that the budget was balanced. This could mean that he believes the deficit is only $1.7 billion, and it has been erased. Or (and the most likely choice) he is aware that the budget is not even close to being balance, but he is confident that people will believe that his regime is committed to fiscal responsibility if he says this.

Biden also made a mistake when he claimed that 55 corporations who earned $40 billion or $400 billion paid no taxes. He was looking for $40 billion. This is because these corporations are taking advantage of legal tax breaks, which were implemented in order to provide jobs to people who don’t make billions, despite the efforts of Old Joe and his henchmen to create class warfare. Business Roundtable CEO Joshua Bolten explained the result of repealing these tax breaks. This is what the Biden administration wants.

Indeed. The truth is that Old Joe’s policies, despite his dementia-ridden words and class war rhetoric, would be a further blow to the already struggling American economy. As socialist states destroy all incentive to work hard and individual initiative, they always have a negative impact on the economy. That’s where Biden and his handlers want us to go.

The old man has shown us that he’s no longer a good front man to the people in charge. Old Joe is only used because Kamala Harris appears to be worse.