Leftists Accuse Hit Netflix Show Wednesday of Racism for Casting Black Actors as Bad Guys

Another day. Another mob-manufactured controversy. This time it’s about Netflix’s hit series “Wednesday”. Wednesday Addams’ broody adventures are portrayed by Jenny Ortega. She works with a group to solve a mystery at her boarding school.

The show will not make it to the second series if the mob wishes it so. Because its main black characters were the villains, Tim Burton has been accused of racism.

Critics were critical of Joy Sunday, a Black actress playing a mean girl at Nevermore Academy, and Iman Marson (a black actor portraying the son of a corrupt mayor)

PilgrimWorld is also owned and managed by the mayor. This is a surprising decision considering it celebrates pilgrims and colonizers.

Not all audience members were impressed.

One viewer tweeted: “Don’t get me wrong…I love Jenna Ortega. She plays Wednesday. One thing I dislike about this series, however, is the way they treated all of the black characters on the show as horrible people. ” “How can Netflix see fault with this?” “I hate Tim Burton’s racist behavior. ”

“Me trying too bad to get over the racist and anti-Black undertones of Wednesday Addams Netflix series. One other person sighed in an unsolicited tweet.

This ridiculous complaint really shocked me. It really bothered me as an entertainment buff and a black woman.

As a child, the main complaint about the entertainment industry from the black community was that they only allowed “thugs” or “noble savage” black actors to audition. It was frustrating and discriminatory, and frankly, it was racist.

Together with my black colleagues, we wanted black characters to experience the full human experience.

Entertainment has seen an incredible improvement in the past few years for minorities. But the progressive left won’t let us enjoy these good things. We find ourselves in a strange world where allowing black actors with complex motivations to represent all aspects of humanity is racist.

I don’t see racism in “Wednesday’s” black characters. It’s something I haven’t seen on TV since I was a child. It’s wealthy, powerful black characters. These people can bully and take advantage of others. This is a common trait among the wealthy and influential. It’s not fair that some of them can be black. I know there are many people who are mean in my family. Ask my children: Why can’t they make corrupt politicians black? Bullies should be black. We’re back where we were when we were young actors and when black characters were made saints.

This entire thing is ridiculous. The agent of Tim Burton was clear when asked about the fake controversy.

“I’m not forwarding a comment, request, or similar to this to Tim. ”

It’s okay. We don’t have to be “noble Savages”, who share their wisdom with the white protagonist while we live in poverty.

When it comes to the pilgrim matter, the left is so blinded by their Racist Radar that they can’t even see a good joke even though it is right in front of them. He is the bad guy.