Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Proves to be an Example LeBron James Should Follow

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, has proven to be a strong character. He responded to criticisms from LeBron James, NBA player.

The Washington Post article in question contained a photograph of North Little Rock High School, Arkansas in 1957. This was the “criticism”. Moment captured when six black students tried to enter the school following enrollment, but were stopped by a group white students. A young Jerry Jones can seen watching in the background.

Jones claimed that he was just there as an observer, but this is not the case with LeBron James. LeBron asked reporters after a Portland Trail Blazers game why he hadn’t received a question from them about Jerry Jones’ photo.

James said, “We’re discussing my people and the experiences that we’ve had and that Jerry Jones photo represents one of those moments that our people (Black people) have gone through in America.”

Prescott was not able to answer reporters’ questions about the photo. Prescott replied by noting that it was Jerry’s photo to address, but added the following wisdom.

Prescott stated, “Obviously, we can show more empathy and grace to each other, regardless of our race.” Looking back at the progress we’ve made to get where we are today, it’s amazing how much growth we’ve experienced.

Prescott added, “That’s me. That’s how I think-optimistic.” “It’s easy for me, as a man who is completely black and white, to talk about race on either side.

Prescott continued to encourage grace, noting that if things were as racially divisive today, he wouldn’t be where he was today.

Prescott’s view is far more insightful than James’s. James wants people to answer for past events that occurred decades or decades ago, but Prescott looks at the present and considers what it means for the future.

It is obvious that Jones is Prescott’s boss. But regardless, the QB of America’s team has always respected the people around him. Prescott stood up for Amari Cooper, his former teammate, when the receiver refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

It doesn’t matter if Jones was there to prevent black students from getting into schools or was there as an observer. They are not the same people they were decades ago. They aren’t the same person as they were just a few years ago. Everybody experiences change, learns new beliefs and changes their outlook.

We are far removed from 1957. James’s attempt at making a drama of something that occurred so long ago feels more like an attempt to gain personal power than to promote social good. Prescott’s is a great example. He’s far less interested in reopening old wounds than he is in continuing the good work already done.