Lauren Boebert Rushed Into Emergency Surgery for Dangerous Blood Clot

Lauren Boebert, United States House Representative (R-CO), underwent a successful emergency surgery to treat a blood clot in her leg on April 2, 2024. Boebert, according to a campaign statement, began experiencing severe swelling on her upper leg as early as April 1st. She visited UCHealth Medical Centre of the Rockies, in Loveland Colorado, where she was diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome.

The May-Thurner Syndrome is a blood flow disorder. The condition occurs when the right iliac artery presses against the left iliac vein which transports blood from the left leg to the heart. Some people do not show any symptoms of May Thurner syndrome. Some people develop blood clots or deep vein thrombosis in their legs.

According to a statement released by Boebert’s campaign, doctors treated her condition with a vein stent and removed the blood clot. This was done to prevent a repeat of the symptoms. Boebert will soon be able to resume her normal activities.

Boebert campaign released a statement by Dr. Rebecca Bade, who performed the surgery. “We expect the Congresswoman to make a complete recovery,” she said. Patients with May-Thurner syndrome who undergo the procedure for restoring blood flow can live and work as usual after a short recovery.

Colorado Politics reported that Boebert’s campaign spokesperson said she was forced to cancel an engagement for Wednesday but would be returning soon.

Boebert faces a difficult battle to retain her seat in the House. She is running to replace Ken Buck in Colorado’s Fourth District. Buck announced that he wouldn’t run for reelection in December 2023. Boebert then announced that she would be running for reelection to the 4th district and not the current 3rd district she represents. Buck resigned from his position in Congress in March of 2024. Boebert chose not to run for Buck’s remainder of the term in the special election that followed Buck’s resignation. Instead, he continued in the primary on June 25, which was held in its regular form. The 4th District seat, according to all estimates, is a Republican one. However, polling by Ike McCorkle’s presumed Democratic opponent shows him leading by seven points in a possible November matchup.

Boebert, as Michael Tremoglie pointed out in his recent guest editorial:

Politicians are chosen for their political views and actions. Votes and endorsements from advocacy groups are good ways to assess a candidate’s political beliefs and actions. Rep. Lauren Boebert will be reelected with no problems if Colorado voters follow this advice. She is a right-of-center, has common sense, and puts America first.

Take a look at Boebert’s votes, and the organizations that support her:

  • She voted for legislation to protect Americans against the abuses of TikTok (HR 7521).
  • She voted against the 2021 George Floyd Justice In Policing Act
  • She voted in favor of the Laken Riley Act
  • She supports increased security along the Southern Border
  • She is endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), Campaign for Working Families, Colorado Shooters Assoc., and Citizens Against Government Waste.

Politics are important, but in times like these, they take a back seat. We pray for Lauren Boebert’s complete and speedy recovery.