Firebrand Politician Jamaal Bowman Faces Election Threat Amidst Controversy

Are you worried that a male representative from “the squad” is about to lose the primary and get booted out of the House of Representatives? This is the reaction to a recent poll that showed Rep. Jamaal Bowman double-digits behind Democrat George Latimer.

Latimer is ahead of Bowman, according to the results. The margin between them is 52% to 35%. This gap increases when the sample is reduced to only those voters who participated at least in three of the four previous primaries.

A shocking new poll, obtained exclusively by The Post on Wednesday, shows that George Latimer, the Westchester County executive, leads Bowman, the Democratic candidate for the 16th Congressional District (which includes southern Westchester County, and parts of northeast Bronx), by 52% to 35%.

Here are some cautions. This is a partisan survey, and that’s all you can expect in a primary election like this. A major non-partisan surveyor will not waste money and time to find out if one Democrat is ahead of another in a deeply blue district in New York. It’s important to note that polling smaller races can often lead to inaccurate results.

You’d prefer to be Latimer now, given the controversy surrounding Bowman. From his passion for fire alarms, which led him to plead guilty to a criminal offense, to his support of Hamas. This issue will likely play a major role in the election as a campaign is underway to remove pro-Hamas politicians like Jamaal Bush, Cori Bowman, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. Latimer also has a positive reputation in the local community, as he served in several offices. In the same survey, Democrats have overwhelmingly positive views of him. Bowman’s opinions are negative.

What was Bowman’s reaction to the latest news? He played the race card, of course. He claimed that the pollster was not legitimate and had aired advertisements that “darkened the face” of the congressman during the 2020 elections. Bowman’s usual tactic is to play the race card. He claims that the pollster in question was not legitimate and that he aired ads that “darkened” the congressman’s face during the 2020 election.

“The squad” may be in for a big punch if the situation continues. In a recent poll, Cori Bush in Missouri was 22 points behind her Democrat opponent. Ilhan Omar is facing tough competition, too. She nearly lost her primary race in 2022. If any of them lose, this could mean a shift away from the DSA-approved far left in even some of America’s most blue areas.