KJP’s Words Fuel Fire of Biden’s Corruption Crisis

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, gave an interview to MSNBC. She may have said something that made Joe Biden’s situation worse (again).

Jean-Pierre claimed “there is no evidence” against Joe Biden in the Congressional corruption probe into Biden’s actions.

She said that it was not only Democrats, Republicans were also saying this, without citing any evidence of that. “There is no there there,” Jean-Pierre argued.

We can laugh at her, but she shouldn’t be sending all questions like this to Biden’s “personal counsel.” The White House staff defending Biden against these accusations raises even more questions.

KJP reported that Joe Biden knew about the statement Hunter Biden made at the Capitol while he was ignoring the Congressional subpoena. This raised the question of obstruction if Joe Biden had been involved in encouraging Hunter to not talk to Congress.

The charge of obstruction is also a possible impeachment.

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, has also pointed out a possible issue that can be applied to these latest remarks.

Biden also enlisted the White House staff to promote his conduct, which has been questioned by many, and to attack the House Republicans investigation process. These acts could be used to legally boot-strap his previous misconduct into his presidency, under the abuse of power allegations.

Her response once again raises the problematic question of whether or not White House staff is being used to cover him.

KJP stated that it was “so disappointing” that Republicans wanted to focus on Joe Biden’s “family” instead of the “American Family.”

She insisted, “We want them to work with us in a bipartisan manner to get things done.”

What a sleazy response. Republicans have presented a lot of evidence that shows problematic actions, including money being personally deposited into Joe Biden’s account. Biden’s Family made millions of dollars from dealings with foreign people and entities. The nerve of her to say that the focus should be on the “American Family” rather than corruption.

Biden is on vacation in St. Croix, ignoring the concerns of the American public. What is his New Year’s Resolution? His New Year’s resolution?

What is the problem with Biden? The majority of people don’t think that he is concerned about “the American family.” KJP asked why people are now turning away from Biden in favor of former President Donald Trump and other options.

She said: “We understand that it will take some time before people feel the effects of ‘Bidenomics.'” “Bidenomics’ has contributed to crushing inflation. Not exactly a feat to be proud of. It’s been a long time since we’ve felt it, and it is not good.

She made a lovely comment.

“The president always placed equity at the heart of every policy that he has put forward!” She insisted.

“Equity” is not always the best solution to the problems. This is probably why Biden has failed so miserably.