Biden Administration Speeds Up Processing for Chinese Illegal Immigrants

As usual, the Biden administration has shown its incompetence by reducing scrutiny on Chinese nationals entering the United States through the southern border.

After reviewing this email, J.J. Carrell, a retired CBP deputy agent in charge, told the DCNF that slashing the interview process accelerated Chinese illegal immigrants’ release to the U.S. while making it more difficult for CBP agents to identify national security threats.

Carrell said that “this policy change has increased the processing times for Chinese illegal immigrants, which does not make America any safer.” “The result will be dangerous Chinese illegal immigrants will continue to enter the U.S.”

Carrell said, “This is the government trying to cover their arse so they can claim they have vetted.

You can see screenshots of documents obtained from the Daily Caller News Foundation here and here.

I would like to remind the readers that this administration did nothing when spy balloons were flown by this country above the United States. This includes the overflight of strategic installations on the East Coast and Alaska.

China has become more aggressive under Chairman Xi. He is the first Middle Kingdom leader to have direct power since Mao. Although they cannot expand their influence beyond their borders, they still have economic power.

Imagine what it would mean to China if they did not have the military or technical capabilities to attack directly the United States. The balloon flight was nothing more than an opportunity to gather strategic information. These images include some of our most important military facilities.

Xi has stated that his ambitions are not limited to the area.

We don’t even know what they’re doing.

Now that the Biden administration has accelerated its entry, it is difficult to imagine how a government would have dealt with this issue if it were actively promoting a serious threat to our national security.

We should not judge China based on our own “leadership”.

The latest Chinese technology can enhance our everyday lives.