Katie Hobbs Declines Televised Debate with Kari Lake, Proposes Alternative

Arizona Secretary of State, Democratic gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs sent a letter proposing a new format for a televised discussion against Republican nominee Kari lake to Arizona Citizens Clean Elections.

Hobbs would prefer a 30-minute interview with each candidate, rather than a debate live with Arizona PBS host Ted Simons.

Nicole DeMont, campaign manager, wrote to the commission: “Over the past few weeks we have worked closely with Clean Elections in order to find a format which would allow for a robust discussion on the most pressing issues facing Arizonans.” “Unfortunately, Clean Elections only offered a loosely enforced modification to their original proposal.”

Garrett Archer, ABC 15 political analyst, noted that Lake would be given a 30-minute interview by Simons regardless of Hobbs’ decision to decline.

DeMont stated that Lake wouldn’t “produce an honest debate of ideas.”

Ben Petersen, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, criticized Hobbs’s refusal to engage in a traditional debate.

“Katie Hobbs is aware she cannot defend the indefensible. Hobbs’ candidacy for governor is a toxic waste dump of open borders and defunding police, racial disparity, corruption, and mismanagement. “While Katie Hobbs is hiding in her bunker,” Petersen stated in an email statement.

Both Republican Blake Masters (the incumbent) and Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly (the incumbent) have agreed to a debate on Oct. 6.