Department of Veterans Affairs to Offer Abortions to Veterans in Certain Cases

Under certain circumstances, the Department of Veterans Affairs can offer counseling and abortions in some states.

The agency that provides care for America’s war veterans said Friday that it submitted an interim rule (Federal Register) that allows the VA to offer abortion access to pregnant veterans whose lives are at risk or who have been raped or incest.

This is the latest move by the Biden administration in expanding access to abortion, as conservative-leaning states continue to limit the procedure.

The VA stated that the rule will be effective immediately after it is published. The rule will be open for public comment for 30 consecutive days.

According to the VA, it said that it is ready “to provide these services at as many places as possible.”

The rule states that “as abortion bans become effective across the country, veterans living in many States no longer have access to abortion services in their localities, even when they are required,”

Since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, President Biden has taken many steps to increase access and reproductive health care services.

He signed an executive order in August that allows taxpayer-funded abortions.

Denis McDonough (secretary of Veterans Affairs), stated in a statement that “this is a patient safety choice.” “Pregnant veterans and VA beneficiaries should have access to top-quality reproductive care when they most need it.” This is what the nation owes them and what VA will provide.

The president stated that Roe was correct and had been in law for nearly 50 years. He attended the signing virtually because of his COVID-19 diagnosis. “And I promise the American people that we will do everything possible to protect access to healthcare, including the rights of women under Roe V. Wade, which was overthrown by this extreme court.”