Kat Cammack Causes High Drama on the Democratic Side During House Speech

Although there have been many intrigues and posturing on the Republican side of the ongoing fight for the House Speaker position, Wednesday’s unintentionally funny moment had Democrats reaching for the smelling salts.

Rep. Kat Cammack (R. Fla.), spoke Wednesday to the House floor about Kevin McCarthy’s re-election as House Minority Leader. He had failed to get the votes required during previous rounds. She also talked about the importance of “diversity” and how Democrats love the GOP’s infighting.

Cammack said, “Diversity in thought is a positive thing.” It’s what sets us apart from our peers on the other side. Diversity of thought is a positive thing.

She continued, “But they want to divide us.” They want us to fight one another. This is evident from the alcohol, blankets, and popcorn that have been brought in.

Cammack’s accusation of them of drinking during official House business triggered outrage on the Democratic side.

Politico reported that there were calls for Cammack to be reprimanded because of what she said. But it wasn’t to be.

One lawmaker demanded that the clerk “take her words down,” which effectively reprimands members for violating decorum. Another member said that there were no rules because the chamber can’t adopt them until it chooses a speaker. Cammack’s words are not being answered by any mechanism.

My thoughts on this: Who cares about decorum now? It hasn’t helped Republicans in Congress. We need more British Parliament-style discussions in the House of Representatives and Senate – and this is not just for entertainment.

Who knows? Perhaps next time, we will see evidence that a Democrat brought alcohol onto the House Floor as we saw in 2020 when Rep. Joe Cunningham (D.S.C.), opened a cold one during floor comments he gave only weeks before he left Congress. Cunningham’s speech was, however, all about unity and healing.

Cunningham stated, “For the betterment of this country, it is necessary to come together, to sit down, listen to each other, and maybe even have a beer,” before taking a brew from his jacket’s inside pocket and opening it.

He said, “I raise this cup to my colleagues, both Democrats and Republicans”, as he held up the can of DC Brau pale ale called Joint Resolution that The Post and Courier had identified as a can.

Cammack, I offer my cup of iced coffee. We have so much to laugh at in this midst of all the drama and bloviating. Cheers!