Kamala Harris Gets Uncomfortably Excited About Electric School Buses

Kamala Harris loves electric school buses. They seem to be her favorite thing, even more than Venn diagrams.

The vice president has been giving public speeches for years extolling the marvels of seemingly ordinary vehicles. It doesn’t matter if public buses are inefficient and waste taxpayer money. Nor does it matter if commuting by bus takes up a lot of your time. Harris is passionate about those long, complicated things and wants you to understand them.

You can also charge your phone with them.

Is it because she sounds like she is about to burst into full-blown laughter? Is she actually finding her rant about charging one’s smartphone on an electric bus hilarious? It is hard to tell if these speeches are written by someone else or if they are trying to make her laugh.

Her excitement is understandable, considering that you can’t charge your phone or use the internet while driving in a gasoline-powered vehicle. These are completely new features that were only possible because of the cobalt mining by child slaves in Africa. Western elites can feel like the planet is being saved. These are things that we all have done for years in our cars and should not be boasting about.

Let me ask you a question. Why is the federal government spending billions of dollars to purchase electric buses? Although I don’t dismiss the possibility that electric buses could be the future of transportation, I do believe they will become very popular. If they really save money, I think cities will jump at the opportunity to upgrade.

There may be more to this story. Although environmental groups and left-leaning outlets have filled the zone with studies that supposedly prove how electric buses work, the White House’s constant press conference makes me doubt their claims. I also think that more than a few politicians are financial beneficiaries of their adoption.