Ageism Isn’t to Blame for People’s Issues with Madonna and Joe Biden

Margaret Sullivan, a Guardian columnist, wrote Monday that ageism extends beyond celebrities and public officials. It has claimed the lives of an 80-year-old chief executive suffering from obvious cognitive decline and a pop singer who is now unrecognizable after 40 years of being in public view.

Ageism is a real thing. It is a ridiculous mistake that we make as youths, holding people like Madonna and President Joe Biden up as the victims.

Your Friendly Neighborhood VodkaPundit seldom enjoys a workday more that when I get to transcribe the word salad Biden spews out when he’s not properly rested. Sometimes he is.

He has two brain aneurysms, and he often speaks as if he is in the middle of one.

Here’s one example:


I will work like a devil to bring down gas prices. I will also work to strengthen the supply chain to keep the cost of energy and all other goods down… by helping ports 24/7 by changing many things that have been affected by COVID. This has led to significant increases in the prices of the supply chain.

All that? Biden is not old because we make fun of him, but because The Most Powerful Men in the World, are terrifyingly insane. You can either laugh or cry. I chose to laugh.

Let me show you an old man and his dog. It has not yet gone viral, but it should.

Yes, it can be hard to get old. Look at how these two older men take care of each other. Joe Biden would never have been allowed to run in 2020 if someone cared as much as this man does about his dog.

Sullivan mentioned Sean Connery’s title as People magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive at 59. Connery had also been named in her column. Connery was last seen in Never Say Never Again in 1983. Although it wasn’t a great Bond film, parts of it worked because Connery’s older age was acknowledged rather than denied.

All of us are affected by the effects of age. What we do in the process will determine if we are victims or not.

Madonna is the result. Madonna is an example of the horrible outward effects that endless plastic surgery can have on someone’s mental and physical health.

Many people took to Twitter last week to compare Madonna’s new look to Bangles frontwoman Susanna Hoffs after Madonna was featured in the headlines.

Hoffs appears to be a 63-year-old woman who has been taken good care of and maybe had a little Botox.

Madonna looks like an inflatable doll of sex that has been over-inflated.

Yes, I agree with you. My boyfriend and I fell in love almost 40 years ago with Hoffs when we first saw her in “Hero Takes A Fall”. We still adore her today, not because she looks so young, but because she rocks hard and makes 63 look like they are 23.

Comparing Hoffs’ last fall with Madonna, I’m sorry to say that you have to ask.

It’s not ageism to question why she makes herself look that way or why she behaves as she does.

“For Madonna,” Sullivan argued that “it’s deciding to not give a damn.”

This is the face of someone who gives a damn. Is it the face of someone who is so desperate to hold on to their youth that they have made their skin unrecognizable?

Their critics aren’t the ageists when it comes to Madonna and Biden.

Biden and Madonna are in destructive denial.