Jon Stewart Roasts MSNBC and CNN Over Dramatic Coverage of Hogtied Biden Image, Leaving Viewers in Stitches

Former President Donald Trump uploaded a video on Saturday to his Truth Social page showing a decal placed on the rear of a pickup truck with an image of President Biden in a hogtied state.

The truck on Long Island had also been covered with American flags and Trump stickers. The Biden decal was also a sticker. On MSNBC and CNN the “news”, however, was akin to any other cataclysmic events that Trump, the Devil’s child, is capable of in the minds of leftists who are afflicted with TDS.

Here’s how MSNBC reported “news” in a hysterical manner:

Donald Trump is not one who shies away from violent rhetoric. On Friday, he shared a video that featured a pickup truck on which an image of Joe Biden was hogtied.

The 20-second video, posted on the former President’s Truth Social page, shows pickup trucks cruising down a highway with various pro-Trump stickers.

One of the trucks has a picture of Biden with his hands tied behind his back.

Trump claimed in his post that the video had been taken on Long Island, New York where he attended the funeral of a policeman who was killed in a traffic stop the day before.

“Violent rhetoric.” How? The MSNBC clown-car show didn’t bother to mention the name of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, or that the man who shot him and killed him was a repeat criminal who had been arrested on violent charges 21 times before. Oh, and Trump was at the funeral of NYPD officer Jonathan Diller, while Biden, former Democrat Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and a bunch of other muckety mucks partied in NYC during an extravagant fundraiser.

CNN, the self-proclaimed “Most Trusted Name in News”, almost went into a catatonic seizure over the stupid decal on the back of the truck in this video.

On his social media website Truth Social, former President Donald Trump shared a video showing an image of Biden being hog-tied to the back of a pickup truck. The Biden campaign claims that Trump incites political violence. CNN’s Steve Contorno reports.

Wrong. The image was not placed on the back but on the tailgate of the truck.

Michael Tyler, spokesman for the Biden campaign, claimed absurdly in a press release that this video was another example of Trump trying to incite violence.

This is what you do when you call for a bloodbath, or tell the Proud Boys to stand by and watch. Just ask the Capitol Police Officers who were attacked on January 6 while protecting our democracy.

No word on whether the hypocritical Mr. Tyler felt equally offended by a May 2017 photo of Kathy Griffin holding a Donald Trump mask that looked like a severed head.

Then, it was Jon Stewart Time.

The “Comedy Central host made a joke before showing the clip:

You can’t imagine how devastating it must be. Images from Ukraine, Gaza, and natural disasters are shown on news channels. They are absorbed in their work. This footage is so horrific, I cannot imagine what it must have been like.

The laughter in the studio filled him with shock as he stared at his audience.

Stewart then went to work mercilessly on Trump-hating networks.

What was so dehumanizing and disturbing that you would not show it on TV? A Biden sticker airbrushed on the back? You’re the same networks who show 9/11 reruns every year, aren’t you?

It’s not as if people think Biden is tied in the back. I’m not sure if you’re mentally able to drive a vehicle if you believe that is Joe Biden in the back seat of the pickup truck.

The laughter continued and everyone had a great time.

Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Criticizes MSNBC and CNN for Over-The-Top Coverage Of Hogtied Biden Images

Did I mention the level of hypocrisy that exists on the left? We’ll never forget the following comparison, no matter what.

You don’t need to make it up.