KJP’s April Fools’ Fail: Press Corps Unimpressed by Lousy Joke

The White House Press secretary Karine Jean Pierre’s April Fools joke was not received well by the media on Monday.

Jean-Pierre began her press conference by saying, “President Biden will announce that he is revoking the Hatch Act.” “As a present to you all, I will now be able to answer all your questions regarding 2024!”

The joke was received with groans and some titters of politeness. But it’s fair to say that it didn’t land very well.

“No? “I thought you’d love that?” Okay. “April Fools! April Fools! April Fools!”

The Hatch Act, enacted in 1939 in the United States, prohibits federal employees from engaging in certain political activities to maintain their impartiality and nonpartisanship while performing their duties.

It includes fundraising for political parties or candidates, or campaigning in favor or against political candidates. It also includes using your official position or authority to influence an election. Jean-Pierre cannot discuss Biden’s presidential campaign in 2024 due to The Hatch Act.

This kind of floundering is typical of Jean Pierre, who is known for her incompetence and is less than mediocre behind the podium. This has been attributed to her being a diversity hire. The Biden administration was more concerned with hiring a black lesbian than whether or not she was up to the task.

Jean-Pierre was questioned during the press conference about Joe Biden’s decision to declare Sunday, which was Easter Day this year, a “Transgender Day of Visibility,” a decision that caused widespread anger towards the “devout Catholic” president.

Transgender Day of Visibility has been celebrated every year on March 31st for several years. She replied, “And as we all know — those who are familiar with the calendar and its workings will understand that Easter is on different Sundays each year.” This year, Easter fell on the same day as Transgender Visibility Day. So, this is a simple fact. This is the simple truth. “This is where we are.”