Joe Manchin’s Latest Comments About the Inflation Reduction Act Prove He’s Just Like Every Other Democrat

It seems like it was not that long ago that Joe Manchin from West Virginia seemed like one of the few Democrats who could combine two brain cells. He stood firm against the extremist legislation that his party tried to pass, and it was thanks to him that the radicalized Democrat Party seemed to be leaving Washington with less power.

But apparently, all it really took was a few promises of kickbacks for his state and he jumped on board with one of the biggest lies-turned-legislation the Democrats have cooked up.

The inflation Reduction Act was marketed as something that would reduce out-of-control inflation in America, which is threatening the American people. CBO reports showed that the bill would not do the opposite. Manchin started to trumpet the same talk point as his party, claiming that it would. After all, he was fundraising, and he needed to get his Democrat base back to love him by signing what is in fact a climate bill.

Fox News asked Manchin when inflation would ease. Manchin’s answer was the same as his colleagues. It basically amounts to “I don’t know…wait until you see I guess”.

Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn asked Manchin if it was misleading to refer to the bill as the Inflation Reduction Act since it won’t lower the price of everyday goods. Manchin replied, “Why would it?”

Manchin stated, “Well, it’s not immediately.” “We have never said that anything would happen instantly, such as turning the switch on or off.”

Manchin stated that the market anticipates the investments made by the bill’s passing. As the United States becomes more independent of foreign energy, utility prices will fall.

“We fight like the dickens,” Manchin stated that you have to make your own way out of this. “If you believe that you will wait for the Federal Reserve to raise rates and discourage you from purchasing anything (and) that’s likely to take care of our inflation, then that’s not how to manage inflation.

We didn’t expect that suddenly we wouldn’t have inflation. But you would have thought they would have some kind of timeline. Although they are quick to warn us that global warming and climate change will cause us to die, they don’t give us any indication of when the bill to curb inflation will start to work.

Manchin didn’t care. Manchin went from talking about Congress’ spending habits during an economic crisis to happily using the credit cards of the people when it was most convenient for him.

One small consolation is the fact that his stock in West Virginia has plummeted since he voted to pass this horrible bill. This includes among Independent and GOP voters, who might have supported him if he had held firm. Manchin won’t be up for reelection in 2024. But, perhaps people will recall this and teach him the same lesson that Liz Cheney taught Liz Cheney: if you fail the job you were elected to and misuse your borrowed power for selfish purposes, it will be taken away from you.