CDC Investigating Fast-Moving E. Coli Outbreak In Michigan And Ohio

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a “fast-moving E.coli outbreak” has infected many people and hospitalized nine more in Ohio and Michigan. In a press release, the CDC stated Wednesday that 29 people are ill from an unknown source. As the outbreak began in July, there have been no deaths. Because of uncertainty surrounding the source of the outbreak, the number of people infected may increase over time.

People infected by the bacteria range in age from 6 to 91. CDC states that it will use its PulseNet network to find the source of the outbreak in its investigation. According to the CDC, the actual number of people infected could be higher or present in other states.

The CDC recommends that anyone who believes they have E.coli infection should keep a log of their food intake for the past week. They should also report it to a local or state department of health. Public health officials can answer any questions.

E. Coli infection symptoms can vary from person to person, but they usually include severe stomach cramps and vomiting, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and nausea. According to the CDC, most people recover within five to seven days. Mild infections can cause death.

It can be as short as one to ten days before the illness is apparent if you have eaten or drank something that contains the bacteria.

The CDC has so far recorded that 14 people in Ohio and 15 in Michigan have been infected.