Joe Biden Busted for His Latest Inflation Whopper

Joe Biden desperately attempts to convince Americans that the 8.6% annual U.S. inflation rate in May is not his fault. Because blaming others for inflation hasn’t worked, the Biden White House is trying yet another new strategy: claiming that inflation is bad (and even worse) everywhere else.

Biden said this week that the United States is performing better than other countries with inflation.

Biden stated, “We are stronger than any other nation to defeat this inflation.” “It’s not my fault. The inflation rate in all major industrial countries in this world is higher than in America?” “I’m not being a wise guy.”

He lies. This is the problem.

Fox Business data has shown that the German inflation rate stands at 7.9%, France at 5.2%, Japan at 2.5%, India at 7.04%, Canada and Italy at 6.8%, and Saudi Arabia at 2.2%. All of those numbers are better than the United States’ 8.6%—and I sincerely hope Joe Biden and White House economists know this.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy called Biden out on his lies during an intense exchange with Karine Jean Pierre, Biden’s press secretary.

Doocy asked: “Why is the president saying that inflation is worse elsewhere than here?”

“First of all, inflation is a global challenge as you have said, It is caused by, clearly, the pandemic — this was the generation pandemic that we are coming out of. And also, most recently, the war that Putin started in Ukraine that has caused inflation as we look at food and as we look at gas prices,” Jean-Pierre said. “So if you look at globally other countries, and if you look at where we are economically when you think about the Group of Seven — the G7 — we are in a much stronger place than we are economical than the rest.”

Jean-Pierre was confronted by Doocy about his supposed lies. “He says the inflation is worse everywhere but here. That’s not true. The U.S. has worse inflation than Germany, France, Japan, Canada, India, Italy, and Saudi Arabia. So why is he saying that?”

Of course, she had a shitty answer.

She tried to explain how inflation is a global phenomenon. This is because everyone feels this way after a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. This is because Russia initiated the war in Ukraine.

When your lies are easily proved false by the facts, you revert back to the blame game. At this point, all the Biden administration can do is play the blame game.