Jen Psaki’s Shocking Conspiracy Theory Reveals Democrats’ True Perception of Minorities

Jen Psaki, the former White House Press Secretary, has moved to MSNBC and is now the go-to hack for Democrat politicians who need a quick interview. When she isn’t praising Nancy Pelosi or James Comey, Jen Psaki gives cringe-worthy monologues in which she exposes what she and her political party think about minorities.

This has become a point of contention, given the position Democrats are in now with Muslims and Asian Americans. Many on the left were left stunned and angry by the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish affirmative action for college admissions. This institutionalized racism against Asians. Some went as far as accusing Asian Americans of siding with “white supremacy.”

Recent attention has been focused on the battle between the left and Muslims. We reported that parents were enraged by the sexualization of their children and gender ideologies in schools. This has led to physical confrontations between counter-protesters and those who want to teach eight-year-olds how they can “change their gender”.

Psaki has a theory on all of this. It’s not just that Democrat policies seem egregious and offensive. It’s not that the GOP is behind Muslims refusing to give their children puberty blockers.

Recently, I’ve noticed the return of an old GOP playbook that harkens to President Richard Nixon’s infamous Southern strategy. In 1968, during Nixon’s presidential campaign, the Republican Party made a concerted attempt to win over white southerners who voted for Democrats by appealing to their fears about African Americans and civil rights movements. It worked. By pitting one group against another, the GOP was able to successfully split southern whites away from the Democratic Party.

The right wing is now reviving the same playbook decades later. This time, it’s with transgender people and Muslim Americans. Listen up, the GOP wants to recruit Muslim Americans – a group that represents less than 2 percent of the American population – against a marginalized minority of Americans – transgenders.

Let me clarify. It is not because Republicans “recruited”, but rather that Muslims are one of the most conservative social groups in the history of mankind (not only in America, or the world), and they oppose transgenderism. Is it not because the transgender movement is corrosive and dangerous, causing children to be mutilated by chemical or physical means? It’s because it contradicts Muslim tradition and teachings?

Psaki’s theory is among the most stupid things I have heard in politics. A Muslim family did not need to be told by a Republican that they do not want their child transgender. This is a conclusion that they came to on their own.

But you won’t be able to convince Democrats. Their political movement is based on the infantilization of minorities.

Oh, shoot. He figured it out. Muslims were really totally pro-trans and sexualization of their children until Republicans decided that chopping off the breasts of little girls is wrong. Also, Asians felt great about being discriminated against until the GOP decided that racism in academia is harmful on multiple levels.

Those minority groups, on the other hand, came to these conclusions independently because they are composed of adults who have individual agency. Democrats, however, refuse to accept this. They would rather make up wild conspiracy theories about a “Southern Strategy” than accept that their support for it is not popular.