Biden Administration Considers Blocking the Sun to Slow Global Warming

In a report ordered by Congress, the White House expressed cautious support for the idea of reducing sunlight reaching Earth’s surface to combat global warming. Climate change religion has yet again proven that it is absurd.

The White House report states that “a program of research on the scientific and social implications of solar radiation modifications (SRM) will enable better-informed decision making about the risks and benefits associated with SRM, as part of climate policy. This would be in addition to the fundamental elements of mitigation and adaptation of greenhouse gas emission.” “SRM has the potential to cool the planet dramatically in a matter of years.”

Now, we’re going back to the term “climate changes” rather than “global climate change”.

You might remember an episode of The Simpsons in which Mr. Burns, a power-hungry character, built a device that blocked out the sun.

Burns’s plan makes no sense, but the Biden administration has a method they are considering called solar radiation modifications (SRM), which is a controversial idea. This involves changing the chemical composition in the atmosphere to block the sun. This sounds absolutely terrifying.

How many times have humans tried to manipulate nature with positive results? As an example, the introduction of predator species to control pests has had many unintended effects as the invasive species take over. The Biden administration, however, is open to the idea that chemicals can be used to alter the atmosphere.

The White House says that there are no plans to create a research program that focuses on solar radiation modification. But, it is still frightening that this concept has been seriously considered. Climate change evangelists may even go ahead with the plan if they think it necessary to “save our planet”.

The report stated that “Climate Change is already having profound impacts on the physical world and human well-being. These effects will only increase as greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise and warming continues.” Understanding these impacts will help you make informed decisions about the role of SRM to address human hardships caused by climate change.

It’s not just the United States that opened the door to the possibility of SRM as a means to combat climate change/warming/whatever. Recently, European Union leaders signaled a willingness to engage in discussions on the topic at an international level.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the European Parliament (EP) and European Council (EC) expressed their support for “international efforts aimed at assessing comprehensively the risks, uncertainties, and climate interventions including solar radiation modification, and promoting discussions on potential international governance frameworks, including aspects related to research.”

It’s the stuff of satire, apocalyptic sci-fi and apocalyptic fiction — and I believe these climate change alarmists will be crazy enough to do it one day.