January 6 Committee Refers Trump to DOJ for Criminal Prosecution

According to Fox News, the January 6th committee of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Monday that it would refer Donald Trump to The Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

This decision is as unexpected as the big dance number at a kabuki performance’s end, but just as scripted.

MSN reported that the January 6th committee “condemn[ing] Trump’s central cause” of the insurrection was the headline.

This is where the sensible ask “What insurrection?”

Insurrection is so absurd, in fact, that it is best to prove the point with a whole bucket of snark.

The Jan6th Committee reminds America we cannot allow unarmed protesters to take over the largest military power in human history. They can no longer walk through the Capitol Rotunda taking selfies and sauntering around the Capitol.

We were so close losing everything.

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) December 19, 2022

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton, tweeted that “Our Republic was further weakened by Trump’s abuse today” and likened Pelosi to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin during her abuse of power.

Pelosi’s 18-month-long fraud proceeding was designed to make Trump guilty of insurrection in order to keep him off of the 2024 ballot.

The January 6th committee’s decision has no legal weight in the executive branch. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice makes the final decision about whether or not to file charges. Trump will find this a cold comfort, as Garland is the most partisan AG since Eric Holder who was Barack Obama’s “wingman”.

I’m not sure if Trump really intends to run for office in 2024. Or if his early campaign announcement was made to give him the political power and fundraising ability to defeat the committee and Joe Biden’s corrupt DOJ.

What I do know, however, is that we are not seeing justice. It’s partisan politics with support from the FBI and courts.