Has-Been Rockstar Gene Simmons: Shut Up, Be Respectful, Get Vaccinated

It should have been the once-dangerous rock ‘n’ roll that held the line on vaccine mandates if it was a cultural institution in America.

One of the icons of the group, Gene Simmons, is now voluntarily playing the (apparently unpaid!) role of Pfizer shill cheering the state’s coercion of citizens into undergoing invasive medical procedures.

There is nothing that screams “rebel with no cause” quite like “shut up and get raped by the government needle.”

Simmons stated in Good Morning Britain, that civil rights are underrated and that personal decisions regarding medical treatment should be left to the government bureaucrats.

What about my rights? You don’t have as many rights as people may think they do. Get over yourself. Get vaccinated, be respectful, shut up, and calm down.

Simmons was super early to the Branch COVID crazy train. Here he is, in March 2020. He extols COVID heroes for shutting down society and economy and exhorts the peasants not to leave home.

Gene Simmons is Jewish. His mother, Gene Simmons, was captured by Nazis in WWII and taken to the Mauthausen concentration camp, in Austria. He called her his “moral guide”.

Simmons’ forced vaccine logic says that the Hungarian Jews should have just shut up and followed his instructions. They were told by the state to go to the gas chambers. Who would have believed that the good Nazi footsoldiers could defy them? Remember, you don’t have the same rights as you think.