It’s Time to Talk About How — and Why — Biden Lets the Chinese Commies Walk All Over Him

Joe Biden climbed out of Xi Jinping’s pocket this week, to inform us that there would be at most two more years of American communism.

Biden would have had the opportunity to put on his big boy adult diaper, act like a leader, stand against China and pretend for a while that he is the head of the United States during the State of the Union speech.

Biden could have shown some muscle. Biden could have warned China about future spy balloons being shot down, or even considered a war crime.

China and America were shocked when Biden revealed that he was nothing but a useful pocket lint for Xi Gepetto, his master of puppets. The balloon was not mentioned by him. He frowned when Republicans mocked him for the open border and Chinese fentanyl that Biden allows over it, killing almost 80,000 Americans each year.

Why would Biden be so tolerant of the Chinese? Let’s take a look at some inconvenient facts about Biden’s relationship with communist China, our most formidable foe.

Biden has made millions of dollars in China from deals involving people who have ties to Chinese spy spies.

Joe Biden left classified documents unsecure in the Delaware house where Hunter Biden lived. He could access them easily, copy them and distribute them to anyone he wanted.

It’s a fact that the Biden family has racked up millions of dollars from Chinese spies.

But commies can’t make it rain without expecting something in return. What has Joe Biden done to help the Chinese?

Joe Biden destroyed the China Initiative
Trump’s China Initiative was an Obama-era mission to capture Chinese spy spies. It was very successful. Biden ended the initiative for a shocking reason: “racism.” It seems that Chinese spies were hurt by this decision.

Chinese fentanyl
Joe Biden has opened the southern border. Fentanyl flows over unguarded borders and the Chinese make billions. It is then sold to Mexican drug gangs, who prepare it and then sneak it over. Each year, around 80,000 Americans (mostly teens) overdose on fentanyl. Biden could have closed the border today, but he chooses to not.

FACT-O-RAMA! Teens who think they are buying Percoset or Xanax pills but are unaware that it contains fentanyl are responsible for many overdose deaths. Around 150 Americans consume fentanyl daily.

Your friendly neighborhood drug dealer won’t want to lose his clients. This would be foolish. The Chinese either pay Mexican drug gangs to lace pills with deadly fentanyl or create fake Percosets or Xanax containing fentanyl. It’s almost as if the Chinese want to kill 80,000 Americans each year.

Spy balloon
Biden knew that the spy balloon of the commies was hovering over the Aleutian Islands. Although they had ample time to launch it over uninhabited islands, they decided not to until the balloon had crossed the entire country. Why?

The Puppet in Chief could have ventilated it long before it reached the continental U.S. He could also have shot it down from Montana.

With 147,040 square miles, Montana is the fourth largest state. It is home to 8th most populated state in the United States.

Between Montana and South Carolina, there are millions upon millions of miles in which no one lives. Biden allowed the balloon to continue its mission until it was completed.

What have we learned?
We have learned that Biden caters to the Chinese in ways that appear incredibly traitorous. Biden has achieved the following in just two years as president:

We stopped chasing Chinese spies.
China allowed the sale of billions of dollars of fentanyl to the U.S., killing 80,000 Americans (many of them teenagers).
Let a spy balloon fly across the country.
Now for the scary part: Federal government officials have gone to great lengths to protect the Biden family’s lucrative and cushy involvement with the aforementioned Chinese spy spies.

Hunter was sat at Hunter’s computer by the FBI, who decided not to investigate the Biden families’ ties to Chinese money or commie spy spies.
AOC recently called the Hunter laptop scandal “half-fake”.
Fivety-one ex-Intel Specialists claimed that the laptop looked like Russian disinformation.
Although the FBI should have been on Hunter as bees on orange soda pop cans, they began to:

Is there a word to describe all of this?

Treason tre@n


Betrayal of loyalty to one’s country, particularly by committing hostile actions against it or helping its enemies.
A person’s confidence or trust is betrayed.
A betrayal; treachery; breaching of faith
We know that the Biden family used Hunter’s influence to give Hunter money. We know that the FBI and Pravda media attempted to provide cover for the Bidens. Do we have a deep-seated belief in systemic communism

But the more important question is: What are we going to do as a nation about it?

Don’t let the Global Marxists overtake your country. You can now eat your cricket burger, and learn Mandarin before the Ministry of State Security shoots daddy.