It Looks Like Harvard Identifies as a Garbage School Now

Harvard University has a trash school.

Harvard used to be a beacon of academic excellence. But those days are gone.

According to The College Fix, Harvard Medical School students now have the opportunity to study healthcare for LGBTQIA+ infants.

Alex Keuroghlian, Alberto Puig and the course directors are both at Massachusetts General Hospital. Keuroghlian, who is an LGBT activist and psychiatrist at Harvard’s Fenway Medical Center, is also employed by Massachusetts General Hospital. The College Fix claims that Keuroghlian has published dubious research that claims to prove that transgender surgeries and drugs can improve mental health. Keuroghlian has been a vocal critic of restrictions placed on government care for so-called gender-affirming.

A recent study has shown that “gender-affirming” care for children does not have any medical benefits. Experts around the world agree that there is no medical evidence to support “gender identity.”

Many countries, including France, Sweden, Finland and Finland, have reacted to the harm transgender “treatments” do to children by reducing their support. The Biden administration, however, has gone all-in on transgender “treatments” for children and even pushed for taxpayer money to pay for them.

Blake also discredits the idea that transitioning is supported by medical consensus, especially for children.

PJ Media was told last year by an insider from a northeastern children’s hospital that suicide is a common problem in the medical profession. This insider said that while the Emergency Department might expect only a few mental health crises per week at the start of their careers at a pediatric medical centre, by the time they leave, “30 out of 60 beds would be filled with actively suicidal youths.”

Harvard should be ashamed of anyone who attended Harvard.