Israel’s Next Big Battle Challenge, Hospital Used as Hamas Underground Terror HQ

The Israeli army is preparing its military positions in Gaza’s northern region, as it prepares to move deeper into Hamas stronghold Gaza City. One of the main points of battle will be the largest hospital in the Palestinian enclave: al-Shifa Hospital.

According to the declassified intelligence material shared by IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari with the media over the past few weeks, Hamas terrorists are operating alongside and below the hospital in a maze of tunnels that form the group’s headquarters.

“Hamas is using hospitals as terror infrastructures,” Hagari said, displaying satellite images of the compound to highlight the areas the IDF believes Hamas forged tunnel shafts in and concealed weapons. “Hamas uses hospitals as command and control centers and hideouts for terrorists, said Hagari.

Itamar Ya’ar, former deputy head of Israel’s National Security Council, and retired IDF colonel said, “Above the ground, Al-Shifa looks like a hospital, but underneath is something else.”

He said al Shifa was now a “symbol”, a powerful one, of the war between Israel and Hamas.