Biden Administration Sending Weapons to Israel, With Strict Conditions

Israel, if it needs anything right now, needs weapons. The Biden administration has apparently agreed to send some individual weapons, but only on the condition that they not go to the people who need them most.

The Jewish state urgently requested the United States sell it thousands of M-16 rifles following the Hamas terror group’s Oct. 7 slaughter of more than 1,400 unarmed Israeli citizens. But the Biden administration would not approve the sale until Israel guaranteed the critical weapons would not reach civilian outposts in the West Bank, which the Biden Administration and its Democratic Allies consider this territory to be occupied.

Officials described the stipulation and said that Biden’s administration had caved into pressure from the far left of the coalition. This group wants Israel to implement a ceasefire while accusing them of genocide. They are defending themselves against Hamas terrorists operating out of the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s request is strange. Only a few months back, Israelis were the victims of an attack that targeted civilians before police and military could respond. Sidearms may be effective against criminals, but they will not work against a group of terrorists. It is important that rifles are kept close to the people who are at greatest risk. Colonel Cooper said, “An unarmed man can’t flee evil.” The only way to defeat evil is by running from it. ”

It is important that the Israelis living in the West Bank are prepared and armed.

Israel is facing the biggest threat in recent decades. Israel’s weapons are vital to its defense.

Israel has reportedly purchased them. Israel is said to have purchased the rifles. The Biden Administration’s sanctimonious protests would be ignored if the rifles were given to Israel, not the extreme left of America.

The Second Amendment is a great thing to have in the United States. It’s no surprise that Jewish Americans are using the Second Amendment more and more. Many governments deny it, but the rights are still in place.

Israel should focus on arming the people who need to be armed. If necessary, they can meet the Biden administration’s self-serving demand by simply placing these purchased weapons in the hands of the IDF and putting other weapons in the hands of the citizens. One wonders how many IMI Galil rifles the Israel Defense Forces still have in inventory. Those fine rifles would fill the needs of citizens in the West Bank very nicely.