Is Biden’s Campaign on the Brink of Panic? Signs Point to Yes

As we embark on our journey towards the summer of 2024 presidential elections, one thing has become apparent.

The person who is advising Joe Biden on his reelection campaign doesn’t have the political acumen of a Chia Pet.

Every time I look at the polls, it seems that Team Trump is gaining ground. Joe Biden has chosen to play the “See No Evil monkey” in the polls. It’s hard to blame him since the polls haven’t been good for him lately.

Even RealClearPolitics’ averages have been wrong in the past. What conclusions can be drawn from the Biden Administration’s actions instead?

The Biden administration’s attempt to split the baby over Israel, in one of the worst political dithers the 21st Century has seen, has lost him both support and respect. His tap-dancing to avoid upsetting places like Michigan’s Dearbornistan, a battleground state, has caused him to lose the support of both sides. Yellow stripes and dead skunks are what one finds on the side of the road. The Biden administration seems to have plenty of them.

Biden’s administration is in a bind on the issue of illegal immigration. I’m running out of disaster metaphors before this story ends. The Biden administration, after claiming that the border was under control, and extolling the virtues of the flood of illegal immigration, is now planning to make a small change in course. This is probably because Americans are tired of seeing people streaming across the border. We have no idea where these young men, many of whom are of military age, come from, or where they plan to go.

Talking of China, the Biden team is even backtracked there and announcing a tariff level that’s almost Trumpian against heavily subsidized – but unsafe – Chinese “green technology”. What’s the problem? The problem?

Where does Biden’s re-election campaign go next?

It’s unlikely that a tack toward the middle will work. Not that the pool was that deep, but their credibility is shot. Joe grows weaker and more confused every day. If they can convince Joe (and Frau Doktor Professor Jill who, I believe, is pulling many of Joe’s levers), to retire quietly, then replacing him at the convention may be an option. Who is the replacement for Joe? Kamala Harris began her political life under less than savory conditions. And who would lose in a fight of wits against a stuffed armadillo? Gavin Newsom seems to be determined to finish his mission of driving California into financial oblivion. Bernie Sanders is the old Bolshevik Vermonter who spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. He still believes it to be a wonderful place.

Republicans should not be overconfident, however. Let’s say that Donald Trump is elected to a second term. He will be a lame duck the moment he takes his seat behind the Resolute Desk. The GOP should start looking forward to 2028 now, not in the next year or two. Those of us on the conservative/libertarian side of things have been handed a gift, a gift in the form of a senile, befuddled old fool of a president, a presidential administration, and a re-election campaign that are probably the least competent examples of either in American history and a Democrat party that has dragged their Overton Window into “Here Be Monsters” territory.

This is not something we can count on. You only have to go back to 1992 to find a Democratic candidate who was charismatic and bright. He was untrained, yes, and prone to tomcatting young, pretty White House Interns, yes, but he had charisma, and he appealed enough to independents to win. Ross Perot helped him, but he still won. The Dems are going to arrange their web-footed fowl linearly sooner or later, and the Republicans better be prepared.

If necessary, those who are to the right (or left) of Che Guevara will have to be ready to crawl a mile over broken glass to vote in November. It is possible that the nation will not survive a second Biden-led term.