Gangster Florida Sheriff Warns Criminals: ‘We Will Hunt You Down,’ Sparking Controversy

Florida sheriffs are making headlines for their work. This is not a criticism of the sheriffs in question, but rather a sad observation about violent criminals who are a common sight on our streets.

Carmine Marceno is a Florida sheriff from Lee County. His hardline against criminals who “play” within his county is very clear.

My message is… clear. Stay away from Lee County, and the entire state of Florida if you believe you can commit crimes and deal poison. We are ready to find, track down, and prosecute you.

Raise your hand if Sheriff Marceno didn’t mean every word that he said.

Marceno, in an interview with Fox News Digital also spoke about people “fleeing to Florida” from New York or California due to safety concerns but voting the same as before.

They want to leave California. They want to leave New York. Okay. Then they go to Florida, a place where there is law and order. They don’t seem to change their minds.

You’ve left a place that is a mess, where people can rob and steal, loot in secluded areas, or do drugs. You’re angry that things are so bad in your home country, but you still come here to do the same thing. The same action produces the same results.

Exactly. They also “flee” high taxes and high costs of living, primarily high property prices, only to continue voting the same way they did before fleeing what their votes had led to.

What is the saying about “doing something over and over again and expecting different results?”

To the above point, Sheriff Marceno has a clear, intentionally politically-incorrect, message:

It’s something I say to people all the time. Some may not like it. Have a good day if you don’t enjoy living in law and order. Leave. Leave. Welcome to Florida!

If you believe lawlessness is the best way to go, if criminals should be allowed to roam the streets, steal, rob, and God forbid, poison the streets, and kill innocent people then you are not the right person to have here. You can live in lawlessness.

Any questions?

Here’s more:

TikTok is a popular platform for videos of drug busts, and the sheriff’s dance with his SWAT teams outside drug dens.

Commenters called him “the best Sheriff in America who is more gangster than the gangsters.”

Another commentator stated: “Bro is taking down all the villains, and making a track of their diss,”

Since he was elected sheriff in 2018, he’s executed over 800 search warrants, worked on more than 3,300 narcotics cases, and made just under 2,000 arrests.

He warned criminals who were planning to cause mayhem they would be guaranteed a room at the Marceno Motel, the nickname the sheriff gives the county jail.

Badass? Hell yes.


Would America be safer if there were more people on the front lines like Sheriff Carmine Marceno?

Once again, Hell yes!