Influx of Chinese Illegal Immigrants Crossing the Southern Border Raises Concerns

The border crisis facing President Joe Biden is becoming more complex. According to reports, the southern border has seen an increase in illegal immigrants from China.

This increase is likely to raise questions and perhaps even the use of Google Translate on the southern border. The Border Patrol has seen an increase in illegal Chinese immigrants crossing the border into the United States.

Chinese migrants are the fastest-growing group of immigrants to the United States at the southern border.

In the fiscal year 2023, agents with Customs and Border Protection met more than 24,000 Chinese migrants at the US-Mexico Border.

This is a very small number compared to other countries such as Venezuela, El Salvador Guatemala, and Honduras.

It’s still a significant increase over previous years.

Border Patrol recorded 6,000 encounters in December 2023 with Chinese nationals on the southwest border, an increase of approximately 900 from a year earlier.

Bill Melugin who is a frequent reporter on the border crisis noted in a humorous way that his Spanish skills “were not doing me much good down here,” because “a massive explosion of Chinese nationals were showing up” to try and cross the border.

Border Patrol is struggling to keep up with the influx of illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, and other migrants trying to cross the border. It’s been hard to understand the increase in Chinese nationals trying to enter America.

Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Good of the Border Patrol’s El Paso Sector told the Homeland Security Committee in a private hearing held last September that his agents were “trying to figure out” why [individuals] from other continents were coming, but that information could be hidden and that ‘their ideologies, agendas, or the reason they came, could be overlooked’.

Gloria Chavez told the Committee that in June, the surge of Chinese migrants forced her agents to hire a translator, and each Chinese national took up to seven hours for an interview.

Mark Green, its chair, stated that the influx of Chinese migrants is a “massive” national security concern.

He said that agents were ‘overwhelmed,’ and many Chinese nationals are being released into the interior without much consideration for their country’s origin.

According to reports, Chinese illegals spend up to $35,000. They are smuggled up through South America to the border. One individual told reporters that after a perilous journey to Ecuador, he then began his trek north in search of “American freedom.”

It is also noteworthy that people coming from China are using online guides to navigate the dangerous journey down to the border. Social media is like a digital coyote, giving step-by-step directions for asylum seekers and illegals.

The Biden administration is woefully inadequate when it comes to dealing with the increase in illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. Since the president’s election, the situation has gotten worse. There does not seem to be any light at the end.

This problem is complicated by the influx of Chinese nationals who are sneaking across the border, which poses a serious threat to national security. Since the White House has not been able to address the issue, America must hope that there will be no other dangers if these people flood the country.