Grant Cardone Declares No Investment in NY, Plans to Double Efforts in Red States

Grant Cardone, a real estate investor, posted on X about his company CardoneCapital’s research into possible investments in New York. The former president Trump was ordered by a civil fraud decision to pay $355m.

Cardone announced that his team would double its efforts to find properties in red states such as Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.

Elena Cardone, Grant Cardone’s wife and RedState reporter, created a GoFundMe to help Trump pay $355 million. They have so far raised more than half a million bucks.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul tried reassuring people that they wouldn’t be fined if they did business in New York.

I believe that this is a very unusual and extraordinary circumstance. The law-abiding, rule-following New Yorkers, who are also businesspeople, have nothing to be concerned about because their behavior and that of Donald Trump is completely different.

They are mostly honest and don’t try to hide their assets.

This judge found that Donald Trump had not followed the rules. He was prosecuted, but the New York governor has no say on the amount of a fine. We want to avoid this level of interference.

It does not appear that her message resonates with entrepreneurs and real estate investors. Cardone has a lot of connections in the real estate industry, and this could be a problem for New York.

Cardone isn’t the only entrepreneur who has decided to not do business in New York. RedState reported that Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, better known as Mr. “Wonderful” stated that he wouldn’t invest in New York anymore. O’Leary noted that “every developer does this” in regards to the court ruling by Trump. He also refuted Hochul’s statement that those who conduct business in New York “are very different from Donald Trump.”

O’Leary called California “a loser state” and New York “a mega-loser State.” He will instead invest in red states such as North Dakota and Oklahoma.

Leadership is important. Red states gain more entrepreneurs and investors, while blue states see a population exodus and fewer businesses.