Ice Storms Bring Power Outages to Texas Again but Don’t Try to Blame Abbott

Texas’ winter power loss is a contentious issue. It happened again in Texas, in particular in the Austin area. Many people have pointed fingers at Gov. Greg Abbott as the person they believe to be responsible for Texas’s inability during winter to keep it running.

The issue is not Abbott’s. The governor pointed out that Texas’s independent power grid is strong enough to provide sufficient power for all. People are being forced to disconnect from the grid because of ice that weighs on trees and lines, until they collapse, destroying the power.

Abbott is not responsible to maintain the powerlines or trees in your area. This is the responsibility of your local power company. Leftists want to blame Abbott for this as if it’s a repeat of 2021.

The grid crashed in 2021 because Texas was not prepared for such a sudden and severe freeze. The perfect storm of grid failure was caused by a combination of a lack of preparation for the cold, trees falling on power lines, and an overtaxed grid which usually doesn’t require as much power at that time of year.

This moment was used to criticize Abbott in the run-up to the election. And sure enough, Democrats used it in spectacular fashion as a campaign point. It is not true that Democrats were in control of the event. They wouldn’t have been capable of preventing the power outage. The unusual storm caused the Texas grid to suddenly experience the opposite problem.

Abbott continued to push forward and ensure it didn’t happen again. According to the graphs, however, there is always power available. This is not 2021 when millions lost power. A very small number of people have lost power. This is not because of a grid failure. It’s simply bad luck.

According to Fox News, Austin Energy even mentioned this.

The company stated Wednesday that “ice is bringing down powerlines and tree limbs.” Crews face icy roads and frozen equipment, making it difficult for us to estimate restoration times.

Fox News reported on Wednesday that more than 200 instances of power lines down or arcing were handled by the Austin Fire Department.

If Beto were elected by some dark miracle, this would still be happening. But they would still have been blaming Abbott because of a grid problem Abbott actually prepared for.

This is, as usual, far less dramatic than Democrats make it seem to be. They are using the misfortunes of others to push a narrative about politics that isn’t true.

Don’t let a crisis pass you by.