Hawaii Governor Wants to Protect Wildfire Victims from Developers Buying Up Damaged Land

Some people believe that the Hawaii fires were caused by government-led directed-energy weapon testing, ecoterrorism, or a fallen electricity line. one of the main contributors to wildfires in that state is the non-native grass species that dry out in the warmer months and can carry fire very well and very quickly. It’s a discussion that I had many times with landowners when I was a fire warden. All too often, people ignore the accumulation of fuel. That is until fire comes, and then they want something done about it “right now.” Of course, the problem with fire is that it frequently does not stay contained to the original area, as the horrific situation on Maui shows. And then, people who had absolutely nothing to do with the original fire find themselves in danger.

After the danger is over, you can restore your property to its former glory by replanting trees or seeding. You can also use logs as a barrier to prevent erosion following rain. We can then blast their business. Homes and lives are entirely different matters. People are not only desperate, they are also vulnerable. According to an article in Newsweek, reports have surfaced that investors and realtors are approaching people on the island and offering to purchase their property. The Kāko’o Haleakalā organization posted a video on Instagram stating in part, “If you are a victim and they are calling you, please get their name, get their business name so we can put them on blast.”

The Governor’s Office issued a press release:

I contacted the Attorney-General about a potential moratorium on the sale of damaged or destroyed property. Also, I would warn people that it will take a long time before any housing or growth takes place. It is not a good idea to try and steal our land and then build here.

Green told reporters that he had also considered how the state could acquire the land.

The banyan might survive. In time, the buildings will be reconstructed. The state will take care of the buildings and preserve them.

He added:

I’ll also tell you that this is going to impact how we view, because of tragedy, how we view all of the development in our state. And much of what we do is challenged by other laws, federal and otherwise, that don’t let us restrict who can buy in our state. But we can do it deliberately during a crisis, and that’s what we’re doing. So for my part, I will try to allow no one from outside our state to buy any land until we get through this crisis and decide what Lāhainā should be in the future.

Below you can see the KHON News Report.

This is a lofty statement. The state doesn’t have to buy the land. It should be returned back to the people who live on it and work there. They are entitled to be able to rebuild and recover to the maximum extent possible.

Hawaii is somewhere I have been once. I visited Kauai a few years ago. Maui is in need of help. Zuckerberg and the progressives would like you to forget that Hawaii has been loved to death, and even abused.