California Lawmaker’s Resolution to Investigate DeSantis Backfires, Targets Biden and Dems Instead

Donald Trump has been the target of a variety of lawfare tactics. They seem to be throwing everything at the wall to stop the former president. This week, the Georgia indictment was filed.

In case we forget: Democrats are going to go after anyone who they believe might get in their way. No matter who they are, any Republican opponent will be demonized.

Silicon Valley Democratic Assemblyman Evan Low is a California state legislator who has introduced legislation to call for a federal probe into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s temerity in helping to send illegal aliens from Texas to California last June.

In a Tuesday statement, Low said: “To deceive and lie to human beings who are just trying to survive to support their families and transport them to California unknowingly for the purpose to score cheap political points is inexcusable …”

Low praised Gov. Low for his “quick action” and called DeSantis an “immoral politician who is power-hungry.” Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta, as well as Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar (Texas), “for their swift action in investigating.”

This is hilarious in so many ways.

Low doesn’t have any proof that illegal aliens had been lied to in order to get a free trip. In the past, I believe that the people who went on these trips did so voluntarily. Second, I don’t know how Low can think that giving someone a lift after Biden has let them in the country is a crime. Biden’s failure to enforce the law at the border was the real issue, it seems to me.

California is a sanctuary but beyond that? How is sending them to a place that says it will accept them with open doors “cheap” political points? If you’re going to send them anywhere, shouldn’t it be there? Isn’t that a blatantly hypocritical act for a Democrat politician to break his promise? He seems to be upset because California Democrats made a promise that he now regrets. Who was lying here? DeSantis is not the one I think.

If he believes that DeSantis is wrong to ship illegal aliens to California then how can he be okay with Joe Biden shipping them to all parts of the country at night, without warning, and sometimes even in the middle of the night? What is his opinion? I’m willing to bet he didn’t say anything about it when Joe Biden did it. Add another hypocrite to your list. It’s okay when a Democrat is doing it at night in front of thousands of people but not if it is a Republican.

As with all of the indictments brought against Trump, it seems to me that these things are only done to burnish Republicans’ reputations. Low is likely to be wrong if he thinks that he hurts DeSantis by taking such a step.