Harris’ Approval Rating Hits New Low, Worst in NBC News History

A new poll revealed very bad news for Democrat vice president Kamala Harris despite a White House campaign to rehabilitate and highlight her achievements.

According to the poll, her net approval among Americans is the lowest in NBC News’ history. There is a difference of 17% between those who approve and disapprove. According to the poll, 49% of respondents disapproved of Harris’s job, and only 32% approved.

In previous polls, other vice presidents did much better, such as Dick Cheney who received a net-positive 23% rating, Al Gore who received a positive net rating of 15%, and Joe Biden who only received a positive net rating of 1%.

Harris had a net negative rating of 4%. Only Mike Pence was below that with 4%.

During her first term, she was accused of being incompetent and unprepared. Her staff also experienced a high level of turnover due to employees leaving for better opportunities. Harris’ speeches have also been ridiculed for embarrassing repetitions.

Some leftists have defended Harris, claiming her critics were motivated by racism or sexism. The co-hosts on “The View” in March were furious that other Democrats also criticized Harris and demanded that the left support the Democratic ticket.

In a separate August poll, only 43% of Americans thought Harris was qualified to assume the duties of president, while the majority of Americans said that she wasn’t qualified.

White House Chief Staff Jeff Zients said to Axios, Americans are expressing “enthusiasm” and “energy” over what the vice president is doing at the White House.

Zients concluded, “We need to do a great job exposing her” to the American public.

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