Cricketer Goes Viral for Carrying Climate Protester Off the Field

Climate protesters in Europe have engaged in destructive and ridiculous behavior to spread their message. They have attempted to destroy or deface priceless art pieces and landmarks, and even glued themselves down to the floors of venues in an attempt to get Europeans to rush headlong into “green energy chaos.”

On Wednesday, three protesters attempted to enter the cricket field during the Ashes test, a tournament between England, Australia, and New Zealand, held at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London.

ESPNcricinfo reports that two activists from Just Stop Oil who are concerned about climate change invaded Lord’s with orange powder paint, but were stopped by players and security personnel from gaining access to the strip.

Two players stopped the first protester, and wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow (sorry for my lack of cricket vocabulary) actually picked up the other protester and carried him away from the field.

GB News reports that “the 33-year-old was applauded for dumping one protester across the boundary.”

The GB News article continues: “The activists were booed at by the 32,000 people who crammed Lord’s Stadium to watch England play Australia.”

Pay attention to what the crowd is saying.

The third protester attempted to join the fun but was stopped by security.

The sponsoring organization, Marylebone Cricket Club said that three people were arrested and detained for aggravated intruders.

Bairstow’s feelings have been expressed before. He collided in 2021 with a Just Stop Oil activist who was jailed for two months. A group of activists slow down the team bus as it was heading to a game earlier this month. Bairstow had posted an Instagram post with the caption “If we are a little late, it’s not your fault.”

Just Stop Oil, on the other hand, released a statement that was pretty much as you would expect from climate crazies.

Cricket is a part of our nation’s heritage. But how can we watch England vs Australia if much of the cricketing globe is unfit to live in for humans? We cannot afford to be distracted when our culture, food, and sports are at risk.

Cricket lovers and those who are aware of the gravity of the situation should take to the streets and call for action from the criminal, illegitimate government. We need to be prepared for our children’s questions about what we did to prevent this crisis.

When the children of Just Stop Oil clowns — bless their hearts — ask, “What did you do?” all they’ll be able to reply with is “childish stunts.” Meanwhile, good for Bairstow and his teammates for taking care of the problem this time.

Not all heroes are cape-wearers. Some heroes wear cricket uniforms.