Guess Who’s Behind the 51 Intel Officials Letter Dismissing Hunter Biden’s Laptop?

Over the last couple of years we have been led to believe the letter of 51 national security officials is some kind of spontaneous grassroots effort from the intelligence community warning us about the possible foreign influence behind Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Since then, the laptop was confirmed as legitimate and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has confirmed that no disinformation campaign from abroad was involved. New information, gathered by the House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan, congressional investigators and two Obama-era CIA officers, revealed a new angle in the story. Investigation has revealed evidence that links the letter claiming the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation in the 2020 elections to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

The shocking revelation that the laptop was thrown out because it was linked to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has raised grave concerns over the suppression and censorship by mainstream media and big tech in the run-up to the 2020 elections. This could be the largest instance of legitimate election interference our nation has ever seen. Its implications are far-reaching and cast a shadow over our democracy. This investigation has grave implications that must not be overlooked.

Jordan told Just the News that the government will release a report later this month on weaponization. The report will detail the individuals who were involved in the letter, and the evidence that links them to the Biden Campaign. Jordan said that the letter could have been an important interference in the presidential elections and motivated by political concerns. Jordan refused to give more details, as the country is conducting further witness interviews this week.

Jordan stated in an interview with John Solomon Reports late last week that “it was all politics and it looked like there were some real connections with Biden’s campaign.”

Jordan claims that his investigators have gained valuable insight from transcribed conversations with two former CIA officials during the Obama era. These include Mike Morrell who was acting Director and Nick Shapiro who was a former advisor to former Director John Brennan. Jordan believes Morrell was crucial in the coordination of the effort to dismiss Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian propaganda, and Shapiro in the coordination of how the story was told to legacy media. Jordan said that it was becoming more and more clear that Morrell, Shapiro, and the legacy media were all key players in this saga.

The question that everyone is asking is, who was involved in the Biden campaign in this scheme. Jordan confirmed that the evidence linking the letter dismissing Hunter Biden’s laptop to the Biden Campaign has been discovered. However, he said specific ties to Biden will be revealed in the interim report.