Alec Baldwin Attempts to Dismiss Hutchins’ Family Lawsuit with Despicable Move

Honestly speaking, Actor Alec Baldwin is a terrible person. He was a horrible person long before he pointed a gun in the direction of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, killing her and wounding director Joel Souza on the set of “Rust.” He was charged with involuntary manslaughter this year, and he’s pled not guilty. He’s been a horrible person at least since he screamed at his nine-year-old daughter in awful audio, calling her names, years ago. Every time he’s talked about the shooting of Hutchins, he seems more concerned about himself than he is about her or the effect this may have had on her family.

Baldwin’s response to the Hutchins family’s lawsuit only confirms his despicable character.

Baldwin denied responsibility for the incident and blamed other people on set. There were many safety issues including guns on the set, and some crew members quit because of them. Baldwin was one of the producers. He had to check the gun and make sure it wasn’t pointed at anyone.

Hutchins’ parents and her sister brought a lawsuit against Baldwin for wrongful death. Hutchins’s husband Matthew also sued Baldwin, but the case was settled.

Baldwin, instead of resolving the matter with Hutchins’s family, has filed a motion for dismissal with prejudice. He claims that their actions against him were “particularly misguided”, and also says they are “distant” from Halyna.

The loss of a sister or daughter is painful no matter what the circumstances, wrote lawyers for the actor in court documents obtained from Fox News Digital. “Yet Plaintiffs, who were physically, emotionally, and financially distant from Halyna for years prior to her death, have no viable cause of action against defendants.” This is a particularly misguided action.”

Baldwin’s legal team made it clear that under California law, the plaintiff must be married to a decedent to receive compensation in a wrongful-death case. The lawyers also argued that Hutchins’s family was unable to prove “a sufficiently close relationship” between the cinematographer and the Hutchins. This is required under New Mexico law.

Imagine the involvement he had with her death and then having the nerve to say that they were “distant” and “misguided” so that he could avoid financial responsibility towards them. This is the definition of sleazy. You can still make your legal case without further attacking the family.

Gloria Allred, the lawyer for the family, has ripped into Baldwin’s attempts to “avoid” responsibility.

Gloria Allred, an attorney, said: “We’re not surprised to see Alec Baldwin once again trying to avoid taking responsibility for his actions.” It is clear that under New Mexico law which will be used in the California court, he is responsible to Halyna’s entire family for the harm he caused. We are here to ensure that he is held responsible for his actions.”

The court will have to rule on the motion. However, we don’t have to wait for the court decision to see what a disgusting individual Baldwin is.