Guess Who Is Joining the GOP in Calling for Restrictions on Immigration?

Immersion in politics can be mentally and physically exhausting. The things politicians do make me want to put my fist through a wall. If I let my anger get out of control, my living room would look like an assault by Swiss Cheese people.

Instead, I have acid reflux and an ulcer.

Illegal immigrants are a major reason why I regret the decision to abandon the practice of tarring politicians who lie. This crisis is affecting our cities and borders. They’ve changed their mind a bit. The same idiots who spewed nonsense and jumped on a platform to tell us, red-state hicks, how great it is to be a sanctuary city, welcoming all, have now changed their tune. The “welcoming” of an unlimited number of asylum seekers leads to chaos. It also makes voters angry with the people who created this chaos.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson took a unique approach in accepting responsibility for this crisis. He didn’t. He blamed instead “right-wing extremes” who wanted to “bring back slavery” and “refuse the outcome of Civil War.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, along with other Democratic mayors and Governors, blames the Biden Administration. Democrats see a landslide when they look at polls on illegal immigration.

A Republican landslide.

Negotiations are currently taking place in the Senate over a bipartisan bill on immigration that would be attached to the funding bill to fund the wars in Israel or Ukraine. Democrats initially rejected the idea that border security could be addressed while funding wars were also done.

Democratic mayors and Governors of the North and Northeast have stepped up their efforts to limit immigration as the border crisis worsens.

How serious is it? Here is a statement by Rev. Jesse Jackson’s advocacy for a “sanctuary city” is what got his hometown into this mess.

Rev. Jesse Jackson and Johnson were at the same church on the West Side the next day to announce expanded services for migrants through local churches due to the lack of shelters. Jackson, a long-time advocate for migrant’s rights, also urged Washington to

Jackson stated that “more resources are needed for cities such as Chicago” and that “laws must be enforced on the border”.

I have followed Jackson’s career for over 40 years, and never once heard him express support for the enforcement of any law.

“Certainly we could increase border security.” We could certainly consider adding more judges, staff, and technology. Salud Carbajal, a Californian Democrat, said it depends on the negotiation framework.

“There are legitimate issues which need to be addressed, but only if handled properly and without a xenophobic attitude.”

What is a “xenophobic attitude”? Would love to know. Carbajal is saying that if we are too enthusiastic about protecting the border, it is “inappropriate”.

As they face pressure at home to act, Democratic senators and House Members are becoming more open to including border changes in the package. Even those who are not Republicans support improvements to the system.

I think that along with funding for cities, something should be done to address the massive backlog of immigration cases.” To do this, Chicago Democratic Rep. Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia said we need to hire more immigration hearing officers and judges.

This could be a pointless exercise. House Republicans don’t want to compromise on a bill they already passed. It is unclear if there are enough Republicans to work with Democrats  to pass the bill.

It’s less than 50-50 that the border legislation will pass because it’s attached to the funding bill for wars.