Biden’s Treason and Other Scandals Gets Blasted by Former Mob Boss Sammy Gravano

The side stories are becoming more and more interesting as the evidence in the Biden family business scandal continues to be revealed. Former “notorious’ mobster analyzes the many charges and accusations.

Sammy “the bull” Gravano, a former mob boss who was once a member of the infamous “Boys Club,” appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” on Thursday night. He weighed in on this issue by telling Watters that Joe Biden had not only committed “treason,” he also believed that he himself (Gravano), was just a choirboy compared to Joe.

Watters began the segment by introducing a Fox News Alert.

New developments in the Biden corruption scandal. Do you remember when Joe Biden cashed the $40,000 check from China? The White House claims that Biden’s younger brother paid Joe Biden back. We now have proof they lied. An investigator who specializes in money laundering blew the whistle.

Gravano was then introduced by Watters. “Here is the infamous former mobster Sammy “the Bull.” How ya doing, Sammy?” Gravano jumped right into the problem at hand.

I’m doing well. Your opening monologue is amazing. It’s just mind-blowing. I can’t believe that the government is just listening to this and not doing anything.

Do you want to know my opinion? I’m sure there are many men that I know who would serve a 20 to life sentence in prison for such things. When it’s the president or vice president who does it, that’s more than theft. It’s treason.

When I was young, I served in the military. You would be executed for treason because you were robbing men, women, and children of every race, black, white Hispanic [and] Asian. This is a disgusting crime.

I have heard it over and over, but I can’t see any action.

You didn’t think a “notorious mob boss” would say such a thing, did you? Me, neither.

Watters asked Gravano for clarifications on his accusations against the Biden family.

You’re saying the Biden family has committed treason, and that the feds are aware of this, but many honest federal employees are afraid to speak up for fear they will be fired or destroyed.

Gravano was once again frank, including his opinion of the FBI, and the federal government in general.

I would say yes, without any doubt. I worked with the FBI years ago. Everyone knows that it was the federal government and different prosecutors. They were so honest, it was incredible. I was happy to have been with them. Many of them are still my friends, and they tell me things like, “Sammy, you spent your whole life working for the FBI.” I feel embarrassed when I tell someone I am an FBI agent. I tell them, “Don’t be embarrassed. We need to get out and speak against it.

He continued, “Our forefathers gave their lives for this country.”

“I am a veteran. I go to the V.A. “I’m a veteran, I go to the V.A. What do you think they feel when they look at themselves in the mirror after returning home? We’re doing nothing despite everything they did for us. I don’t give a damn how much power they have on their side. We have the people. The people have the power. We are complicit if we do not speak up.

Amen. It’s a former mobster.


Gravano’s generalizations – “Nothing is being done,” “Nobody does anything about it” et cetera – were not accurate. The power of his message was unmistakable. This was profound to me, especially given his background. I hope you found it as profound.

We need more people like Sammy “the Bull” Gravanos to counter the endless story of the Biden’s family business, and fewer people who just pontificate on social media.