Gruesome Kentucky Bone Collector: FBI Unearths Chilling Facebook Trade of Human Skulls to Friends

The FBI claims that a Kentucky man sold stolen skulls, body parts, and other human remains on Facebook and slept in bed with one of them.

Mount Washington resident James Nott allegedly advertised human skulls as recently as last June using the profile name “William Burke” in federal court documents.

According to an affidavit in the Western District of Kentucky, the FBI discovered Nott’s 40-year-old status through an investigation into a ring of illegal human body part traders connected to Harvard Medical School via its former morgue director, Cedric Lodge.

Nott would ship anywhere except in three states, according to screenshots of two of the posts. Tennessee, Georgia, and Louisiana were apparently, “No go.” One of the human skulls was advertised as having an “autopsy cut” and was missing a slice off the top.

Investigators say that Nott used his PayPal account to accept payment for human remains. He allegedly disguised some of his activities by using a pseudonym and sending voice messages via Facebook instead of text.

According to an affidavit, the FBI was the only one in the apartment when they arrived to execute a search warrant on Tuesday.

When agents asked if there were any other people inside, he was said to have replied “Only my deceased friends.”

The affidavit states that “FBI agents found human remains, including approximately forty human skulls and spinal cords as well as femurs and hip bones.” “The skulls had been decorated around furniture.”

The other was found in Nott’s bedroom.

Agents found in the house a bag from Harvard Medical School.

Nott was also allegedly found to have bomb-making materials, as well as dozens of AK47s and.308 magazines.

Nott was charged with federal possession of a gun by a prohibited individual.

Although it was not clear whether Lodge would face any additional charges, he and other suspects of the Harvard ring faced charges for interstate transportation of stolen goods as well as conspiracy last month.

One, Jeremy Pauley allegedly purchased human face skin for $600 from Lodge and turned it into Leather.

Pauley has now been accused of purchasing body parts from Nott.

Pauley, allegedly, wrote in a conversation on Facebook that “some of these prices are f—ing rubbish out there.” “I’m not opposed to paying a little more for shop stock. It makes things look better. How much for the couple plus the last video and the spines?” ”

In May, Harvard Medical School fired Lodge for the “abhorrent betrayal”.

In a joint statement, Harvard Deans George Daley & Edward Hundert expressed their deepest regret for the distress this news would cause to our anatomical donor’s families and loved ones. HMS has pledged to be there for them in this difficult time.

Nott has been remanded in custody without bail. The arraignment of Nott is scheduled for August 4.