Goldman’s Attack on GOP Backfires, Turns Spotlight on Bidens

Sometimes, partisanship will put you in a bad light. Rep. Daniel Goldman is the former Trump impeachment attorney and the new-faced member of Congress who has learned this the hard way.

Gal Luft, a former Hunter Biden associate and business partner, was recently indicted for numerous crimes including FARA violations. She had advised CEFC China while not being registered as a foreign agent. The news came as House Republicans prepared to receive more information about the Bidens’ foreign dealings from Luft.

Goldman chose to spin the story into a claim that Republicans were putting the national security in danger, instead of noting its suspicious timing.

Is he aware of what he is admitting in this video?

Take Goldman’s statement at face value. Let’s say that Gal Luft was an agent for the CCP because he served as an advisor at CEFC China. The company paid him a substantial amount of money (recent news reports indicate $700,000. Let’s assume that he also violated FARA laws and was legitimately charged for it by the DOJ.

Know anyone else who has advised CEFC China, including lobbying on behalf of the company in the United States, and earned millions from CEFC China? Hunter Biden is the man who threatened Joe Biden to get a $5.1 payout from CEFC China. The money was then transferred to various accounts and distributed among members of the Biden clan. We don’t know to this day what “services”, if any, Hunter Biden rendered to CEFC Energy.

Goldman, in other words, accidentally admitted, when speaking with the friendly faces at MSNBC that Hunter Biden worked for the CCP. This should be investigated vigorously and possibly charged. This is a great achievement.

Goldman’s statement has left me wondering if it was made out of pure vapidity or sheer shamelessness. He appears to believe he has cracked the case and trapped House Republicans. In reality, he did the exact opposite.

Goldman’s standard is a high one. He is trying to make it seem like those around Hunter Biden who were doing the same thing as Hunter Biden, are criminals. But he doesn’t expect the rest of us will see the obvious link. Even if Luft was guilty, it doesn’t invalidate his claims about the Bidens.

It’s the same as a mobster testifying against a boss of a gang. Given the allegations against Hunter Biden, you would expect his business associates to be guilty of criminal activity. It is absurd to suggest that those business associates cannot be used as sources of information.

Goldman wants it both ways and doesn’t succeed. Why has Hunter Biden been cleared of the same crime if Luft is guilty of violating FARA by working with CEFC Energy? Democrats don’t have an answer.