GOP Representative Questions If Biden Admin Colluded With Media After President’s Cheat Sheet Exposed

Rep. Jake Ellzey asked whether President Biden’s cue card with talking point was a result of collusion with the media. He suggested that others are “calling all the shots”. Photo shows that Biden was holding a notecard during Monday’s news briefing. It contained prepared answers to a question about what Biden meant when he stated earlier that Russian President Vladimir Putin could not remain in power.

“The question that I have is, were those the questions he had on the notecard planted by someone else and then referred by the media?” In an interview with Fox News, Ellzey, a Texas Republican said this. “That would be collusion with media.” Biden used to rely on prepared lists of journalists when answering questions from the media. Biden said that he was given the list but it is not clear who created it.

Ellzey stated that Ellzey believes he has a team he can rely on more than he would if he were president. “I believe that there are some people who are calling the shots and we don’t know their identities, so they should be briefing us about what they’re telling the president to do.”

Biden has made comments in the past that have caused some to wonder if he is actually giving orders. For example, in September, he stated that he was supposed to “stop and walk out of this room” after he had finished his prepared remarks.

Biden stated Saturday that Putin “cannot stay in power.” The impromptu comment was made during a speech in Poland, during which he called Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “strategic failure.”

Officials from the Administration, including Antony Blinken Secretary of State, stated that the U.S. does not seek regime change.

Biden reiterated statements made on Monday in his note card and said that he was not suggesting policy changes but rather expressing outrage.

Ellzey pointed out that politicians often rely on notecards to keep their message clear.

Ellzey stated that, especially at the presidential level every word he speaks will be scrutinized and analyzed by all world leaders because it has an impact. He misunderstood the message and got himself in serious trouble.

Ellzey said that Biden should “use a lot more thought before he opens up his mouth,” because the situation in Ukraine was so delicate and because President Obama’s statements have so much power.

Officials from intelligence warned that Putin might use chemical or nuclear weapons to counter the Russian invasion. Ukraine is so successful in fighting off Russian invaders.

A spokesperson for the Kremlin said that Biden’s remarks were alarming. French President Emmanuel Macron suggested they were not helpful for peace negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv.