CNN’s Harwood Roasted For Claiming There Is Zero Evidence Tying Biden To His Son’s Wrongdoings

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood was ridiculed Wednesday for saying there was “zero evidence” that President Biden was connected to his son’s alleged corrupt behavior.

Harwood, who is often a liberal pundit despite being a correspondent, was the latest media member that acknowledged Hunter Biden might be a problem for administration. However, he went out of his ways to claim that the president did not do anything wrong despite the actions taken by his son. The New York Times published last week a detailed look at the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden. Harwood, who publicly admitted in December 2020 that the feds were investigating his “tax affairs”, was the first to publish the deep dive.

The Times reported that Hunter Biden had “paid off an important tax liability”, but a federal grand jury has subpoenaed witnesses to discuss his foreign business dealings. The Times reported that Hunter Biden’s laptop was authenticated by the Times. This was also the case for the first time, according to The New York Post, but was initially ignored by corporate media and censored on Twitter.

Harwood stated on “New Day” that it was clear that Hunter Biden traded on his father’s name in order to make a lot money. He’s had a hard life.

Harwood stated that there is no evidence that President Biden or Vice President Biden did anything wrong in relation to Hunter Biden’s actions. Anchor Brianna Keilar also said it was an “important distinction.”

Harwood was one of the many liberal journalists who dismissed the Biden laptop story. He tweeted Oct. 22, 2020 that the Trump interview made it clear that disinformation from Russian intelligence on Biden wasn’t enough to get him over the finish line.

Tom Elliott, Grabien Media founder, shared the clip. He refers to Harwood in the clip as a “W.H. spox — pardon, I mean CNN ‘reporter.'”

Katie Pavlich replied, “The ‘there’s no evidence’ line is always a convenient way out and an excuse for apologists that haven’t dared bother looking.”

Jim Hanson, author of Harwood’s comment, called it a “damn lying” while Jeff Carlson, journalist added that “We can prove you the evidence.”

Jon Levine, New York Post reporter, reminded his followers that an email that was found on the laptop called the elder Biden “the big man” during a proposal for a financial breakdown of an undertaking with foreign executives. The email famously contained the suggestion, “10 held by H to the big guy?” Politico reported 2021 that the email is authentic.

Podcaster John Gibson said Harwood had long ago given up his journo card to exchange for lefty hack membership.

“What stage would this be for Hunter Biden’s laptop media grief?” It seems like “bargaining ‘… depression, then acceptance next”, ex-CNN digital producer Steve Krakauer and media critic Steve Krakauer wrote.

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist, stated that Harwood is the second most loyal Democratic Party spokesperson in mainstream media. He also said that Philip Bump, a Washington Post reporter was the only other.